Children’s and Infant Tylenol Recall 9/24


Since I share so many deals on over-the-counter medicines with you, I feel compelled to bring this  set of news to your attention.  Tylenol has voluntarily recalled certain lots of Children and Infant Tylenol manufactured between April, 08 and June 08.  You can find the lot numbers at the bottom of the box cotaining the liquid or the wrap around sticker on the bottle. The full list of recalled product lot numbers can be viewed here. If you have any concerns consumer call center at 1-800-962-5357 (available Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time).

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  • Rei

    Thank you for the heads up…I actually have one of the products on that list! I already used some of it (eek!)…off to call the consumer call center!

  • jen

    Haven’t gotten a chance to call the call center yet. Anyone call? Curious what they said and if they are giving refunds or credits at all…

  • Kirsten

    I had 3 bottles on the recall list – one partially used. The man I spoke with said the medicine should be completely safe, but they just want to give the very best to their consumers, blah blah blah, so they have recalled them from businesses who sell them, and now consumers.

    They are mailing me three $8 coupons to replace what I have. But be prepared to be on hold for quite a while!

    As a side note, the man advised me to not buy my replacements at Sam’s Club, because apparently they are the only business who did not pull the products off the shelf when tylenol asked them to.

  • Shauna Burens

    I also had a box from the recall list and I just took it back to Jewel (grocery store) and they let me take a brand new bottle. Not sure if that was the correct protocol, but it got me the safe product!