Counterfeit Coupon Alert: Energizer, Coke and Riceworks


A little over a month ago I shared with you some tips and resources to help you spot fraudulent coupons.  Please take some time to read it if you didn’t read it before.  Unfortunately, probably due to the state of the economy, it seems there has been a sudden spike on fraudulent coupons going around.  Just yesterday I learned on Hotcouponworld about four other coupons that have been flagged as fraudulent.  I wanted to bring them to your attention for your information:

  • Free 12 Pack of Coke products: This coupon is  a Coke Rewards Offer that has been withdrawn.  Sad to see this as it may mean this won’t be a reward anymore.
  • Free one Kozy Shack product
  • Free RiceWorks product (offer withdrawn): This coupon was intended for only 2,000 recipients; instead over 30,000 have been submitted for redemption.  This is a perfect example of why companies should invest the time and money in using technology that prevents multiple reproductions of the coupons they issue.

See the current list of counterfeit coupons as gathered by the Coupon Information Center.  Some of the coupons included are for Reynold’s Wrap, Pampers Diapers, Velveeta, Charmin, Bounty, Colgate and more.

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  • Val

    On Saturday I spent an extra 5 minutes checking out at Wal-Mart because she had to look closely at every internet coupon I had (about 30). They had someone use the free Velveta coupon earlier in the week that was fake. I realize they have to protect themselves but I wish they could do it without making me feel like a criminal.

    • Hi Val,
      Unfortunately that’s exactly what happens when coupon fraud occurs. We ALL end up paying for it. Mercedes

    • L Schmidt

      I was treated like a criminal with perfectly legitimate coupons yesterday at a local Schnucks store. I wrote to the corporate office in St. Louis and got a very nasty reply. The cashier made me feel like a two bit crook trying to get away with theft. I did not get a satisfactory response from their corporate office, so I have reported them to the BBB. I have never had a problem with any of my coupons at any other store, except this one.

  • Julieann

    I feel so terrible…I had used a couple of those RiceWorks q’s a while back. Heck, I got it back in December from one of the standard coupon websites I frequent but couldn’t find the product in my stores until a few months back. I hate it when I realize that something went wrong with a coupon I had already used.

    At least now, I can throw away the other one I had and the one saved on my pc is deleted. These companies need to learn that you can’t put something like that out there electronically without putting some safeguards on it. Honest people will get wrapped up into something someone did improperly.

    Oh well….lesson learned.

  • laura

    I 100% agree with Val. I use A LOT of coupons, mostly internet. I’m treated like a thief trying to steal groceries, especially at Meijer, which is the absolute WORSE place for that. Stinks, but what can ya do??

  • Tamara

    My Coke coupon was valid, and I actually used it yesterday at Kmart and got it doubled, plus they were on sale so I paid $1.00 for the 12 pack.

  • heidi

    I have actually used the riceworks coupons several times. I did not think it was fradulant because it was the second one I got they had different expiration dates and I thought no company would be so dumb as to put a coupon out there for people to duplicate TWICE. Live and learn.

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  • There also have been some bad Purina coupons (at least in the South) because when I tried to use my Science Diet coupons at my pet store and they were printed on two different papers (printed one at home, one at work) they wouldn’t take them. I felt humiliated even though I did nothing wrong…but they are being extra careful these days.

  • Mary in MN

    You know, just recently I threw away the riceworks coupons that I had printed off MONTHS ago. I just did not feel right about using them because they didn’t have a barcode and I think it said, “No expiration date.” I just never felt right about even using them. Strange that now it’s found to be a fraudulent coupon! Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Hill’s Science Diet

    Hill’s Science Diet coupons for a free bag up to $53.99 are being sold all over ebay. These coupons are counterfeit.

    • Kenton

      I purchased some of these & used them. My wife said they looked real to her & the pet store happily let us use them.

  • Birgit

    They are counterfeit. They look real and many stores will let you use them but they are not real. Call Hill’s and they are doing an investigation now. Hill’s would have never distributed that many coupons.

  • Kenton

    I have emailed Hills earlier this evening. I won’t open the packages not already open. I sure can’t afford to pay the $58 price they want for 22 pounds of Natures Best. I can’t figure out why I didn’t do a search “before” I used them.

  • Kenton

    I really thought they were giving them to animal shelters as a way to raise money. I purchased some Iams coupons that were sold by AARF, $10 off per bag. Any word on these?

  • Wow! I almost bought some of those Hill’s coupons but thought they seemed weird to be completely free. I guess I should always check that list before buying any coupons!

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  • L Schmidt

    I have purchased approximately 20 Science Diet coupons for free food up to $53.99. I have NEVER EVER had a problem with these coupons at Petco. They ARE NOT counterfeit!

    • Michelle

      There are some counterfeit Hill’s coupons for free bags. These were given to our local Humane Society, who promptly brought them to us – I work at an animal hospital – to get her bags of food. Hill’s is not accepting these – they are counterfeit. The humane society director stated that another animal hospital fought Hill’s for a long time and finally got paid for them, but that doesn’t make them real, that makes Hill’s a reputable company doing right by the veterinarian. We are hoping not to have to eat the cost of all of the food that we “sold” free with these coupons. You may not have an issue at Petco because:
      a. they have a lot of buying power at Hill’s.
      b. they can’t track the coupon to you so they won’t let you know there is an issue until they stop taking them altogether.
      c. they look real, so they easily fool the cashiers and our receptionists.

  • lily

    The Science Hills Diet Dog Coupons for “free” bags of 3lb. or larger are “Counterfeit.”
    These fake coupons are being sold all over Ebay and people who purchased these coupons must file a claim with Ebay according to their Buyer’s Proction Policy. Petco and many major petstores are realizing that they had been accepting these fake coupons and now are rejecting them completely.