CVS: New $5 off $25 Printable Coupon


The three links to the flu quiz and $5 off $25 coupon I shared with you previously are not available anymore.  The great news is that there’s a new link available to the Flu Quiz provided by CVS and the $5 off $25 coupon you get for completing the quiz.  Visit this page, take the flu quiz and print you $5/$25 coupon to make your deals at CVS even better.  According to Kristin from Couponing to Disney, her coupon expires 11/2/09.

Happy Savings!

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  • Lana

    Thank you., I just print a coupon. What concerns me is this new one has exactly the same UPC as the one I printed a few days/ or week ago using one of previous 3 links. Seems like the same coupon anyway… Suspect cashier will say that I already used it before. What do you think?
    Thank you

  • Maria

    I was about to ask the very same question. It’s the same UPC # than the link #1.

  • AC

    Hi, I took this test and printed the coupon for this new flu quiz. This coupon barcode is the same as one of the three quizes. I wrote down the previous three and this one repeated one of the previous three quizes.

  • Stephanie

    Hello! I tried to use this at my CVS last night. They wouldn’t let me because it did not have my name printed on it. I guess they received an email from corporate CVS that no website coupons can be accepted unless your name is printed on it.

  • Catherine

    If it is the same code as before, it won’t work. Has to be different code.

  • Kim

    I tried to use this new one today and it wasnt valid since I used one already in the past. The computer even came up with the date.. I tried.. Nice thing about it is that any newbies who come along can get a past goodie! 🙂

  • Catherine

    But if you follow the instruction below, it will give you a new code on your printable. Provide by

    1. Go to this link [] or this link []
    2. Right click on the flash object (right click on the “start quiz now” area) and choose settings
    2. There are 5 little icon tabs at the bottom of the settings screen, click on the folder icon tab
    3. Slide local storage to 0 kb (it should ask you whether or not to delete cvs related info)
    4. Click on ok to delete
    5. Move the slide back to 100kb and click on close
    6. Begin the Quiz
    7. Print your coupon
    8. Hit the F5 key or the “refresh” button on your browser and start from step 2 again if you want another unique coupon.

  • Pam Jordan

    I tried all the steps above and it did not work however I did not sign in first. Any other suggestions?

  • Lana

    Thank you very much, it worked for me!

  • veronica

    didnt work