Free Potholder from Stouffers

If you buy Stouffers products you may want to check out Stouffers dinner club.  Here you can accumulate points from codes available on their products and redeem for prizes on the rewards catalog.  Right now you can get a free potholder just by joining the club and taking a survey.  This is how to get this potholder:

::: Join Stouffers Dinner Club and you will earn 100 points just for doing so.

::: Then visit the “Earn Points” tab and take the Dinner Survey.

::: Click on “Rewards” and redeem your just earned 200 points for the potholder.  Allow 10-12 weeks for delivery.

In 2008 I joined this club and got a tote bag for doing that (Gosh, I can’t believe I have been doing this for a while).  The potholder is a great reward too.  Don’t forget about these high value Stouffers coupons available.

Thanks Rose Knows Coupons!

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  • James Whitbord

    Wow you lied!! I joined and went to Earn points.. took the survey and got 8 points!!!
    that sucks.I wanted the pot holder.

    • No, I did NOT lie. YOU need to take the right survey. As I said take the dinner survey. I just took it and got the 100 points.


  • Sarah Elyce

    People never cease to amaze me. I can never understand when posters are rude to our bloggers that kindly and generously devote their precious time to compiling the best deals for their readers. Yikes…..

  • Melina

    Thanks Mercedes! I even didn’t know that I have an account with Stouffer’s! Well, I enjoy the web site and They give me 100 points, and 120 for 2 surveys and 1 poll! Now I get my Polholder! Just I need wait 10-12 weeks! Thanks! 😀

    “James Whitbord” You are an Idiot! 😛 (Sorry, Mercedes… But Someone need to tell this person the truth!)

  • Frugal Mom

    Thanks Mercedes, works like a charm.
    “James Whitbord” Please show more education. We are so grateful because of all the time and money we really save with Mercedes. You should pay attention and read carefully before insult a lady !!

  • Carolyn

    Thanks Mercedes,
    I followed your instructions and earned 210 points and then redeemed 200 points for the potholder just like you said … Thanks 🙂

    • Karen

      the potholders are sold out

  • LindseyRochele

    I got mine too! I had no idea I had an account as well. Thanks Mercedes!!! YOU ROCK!

  • Valerie

    My potholder is on the way and I donated my 10 extra points I had from taking the other surveys.

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  • Christy

    Right now the site says they are sold out. I guess I’ll just hang on to my pts for now.