FREE Sample of Mystery Shampoo and Conditioner

I have an exclusive offer for you today. As part of my Eleven Mom involvement I have been giving a sneak preview to a new shampoo and conditioner. But this product is so secret that the name has not been revealed to me yet and it won’t be revealed until Nov 24th. But I have been using this product for the past week and I like how soft my hair feels afterward. Today you can sign up to get your own FREE sample as well.

Check out the Shampoo’s microsite and see if you recognize any of the faces on the videos: those are some of the other Eleven Moms!! How cool is that? Some of the moms got a chance to get a makeover using this new product back in October and their experiences are being used to promote the product.

So head on over to the mystery shampoo and conditioner site hosted by Walmart and get your free sample. By the way this sample is not the small packet size sample but the small bottle that is travel size.

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  • my2boyz

    Saw your article in the Press this AM! AWESOME! How did I not know about your blog before? THank you and I am now a regular reader! Some of the other “save money” blogs are great however they get to shop where there is doulble coupons EVERYDAY! I am so jealous!!! THANKS!!!!!

  • Mercedes

    Thanks my2boys!
    I know I wish our store doubled everyday and had no minimum purchase limits. However, I have been able to take advantage of doubles at Pick N Save very nicely. So I can’t complain too much.


  • Andrea Reynolds

    Is “Mistery” a typo or a hint at the name of the new shampoo? Curious minds want to know 🙂

  • Mercedes

    Hi Andrea,
    no that was my typo. lol! Similar spelling in Spanish leads to wrong spelling in English.

  • Andrea Reynolds

    Too funny, now I just need to remember to submit my request!!

    FYI That Glade Oil candle holder deal should be good until, get this Dec. 12!! I went today to do another deal and read the shelf tag closer!! Cooooool! Now if only they’d get some scents other than cinnamon apple! Check this past Sunday’s coupons for another BOGO and I believe for more BOGO.