How I Came Up with $195 in Three Days

We need a new digital camera as ours is very old and slow. I finally got fed up of this camera this weekend when we tried to take pictures of our baby and out of the 44 pictures we took only one came out decent.

Previously my husband and I had decided to pool our holiday present money and get a camera as “our” present. But I want it sooner that that so I needed to come up with the money. I knew we had the money we only needed to work to find it.

First I gathered all of the rebate forms and receipts I had been accumulating for the last few months. I filled out forms, gathered UPC codes and circled cash registers. Seven envelopes and stamps later I sent out to get back $65 in the form of rebates.

Then I finally filled out a couple of these surveys I was lucky to find. It is one per household but I was lucky to have my in laws willing to help out. So that adds up $20 to the fund.

Finally, I pulled out the coin jar or bowl. We have been filling this glass bowl with coins for the last two years. There was $110 in cash in there!! And the bowl wasn’t even that big. We had a lot of quarters, $60 worth.

We still need to come up with an additional $65 to be able to buy the camera. You may have noticed that I have added ads and affiliate links to this blog in the last few days. I decided to monetize this blog in order to raise the money. I hope you don’t mind.

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  • Sonia

    What kind are you going to buy?
    I just bought a new one, old one is on ebay lol

  • Mercedes

    Hi Sonia,
    I am not sure *blushing*
    to be honest my husband is in charge of this type of purchases. I let him handle all if the details and research, I just click and take pictures, lol!

  • Mama Koala

    Great job getting the money all together! I think adding the money makers to the blog is a great idea to reach your goal. Mommies with babies need decent cameras:-)

  • Anonymous

    Did you miss out on the WAGS camera deal? That would have been a great one for you! I am using my gift card to buy milk and items that have free rebates- like the Arm and Hammer Essentials.

  • DianeScraps

    Good for you! You may want to check out to join the Kodak Big Picture Panel

    By joining the Kodak Big Picture Panel you will:

  • Mercedes

    Thank you Diane, I hope they pick me!

  • Sonia

    I have a Kodak EasyShare Z812 IS this is my 3rd Easyshare there awesome camera plus easy to use