Dealing with health insurance costs going up

Is that time of the year again isn’t it? I am talking about open enrollment season and the anxiety that comes from finding out how much more of your paycheck is going to be used to pay for employer benefits. My husband went to his benefits meeting and of course things are changing.

Let me start by saying that my husband works for a family owned company. It’s a still a very large company and the owners are as generous with their employers as they can be. They actually are pretty generous for being a family owned company. Still, their biggest limitation in the benefits area is their health plan offerings. They do not use a nationwide insurance provider, but a local one and that limits the options the employees are given.

As expected our health insurance premiums are going up. But as much as I want to rant about that I needed to think about it in another way. Should his company be the one to shoulder all of the cost increase? After all, it