Clipping Coupons Pays You Big: The Math Behind Coupons

Earlier this week I was very excited to read an article in the Wall Street Journal tackling whether coupons are worth it or not.  Of course, I know I am preaching to the choir here and all of you know that of course they are worth it.

However, this article does the math for you on the hourly rate you can earn by clipping coupons.  It even goes a step beyond that by adjusting it for taxes.  This is something that I had not considered myself actually.  See, if you calculate the hourly rate you earn when you clip a coupon, in actually that rate is higher.  Because that hourly rate you just “earned” by clipping coupons is not adjusted down by social security, federal or state taxes.  Since all of you are here to find out the best deals to maximize your coupons your hourly rate may even be considered a  higher.

I have said this many times, while you may have found yourself needing to clip coupons because you had to, I hope that as your financial situation improves you won’t stop doing this.  Most of us are often wishing we could earn more money.  Consider coupon clipping that side job you wish you had to earn some extra money.  Be thankful that this is a job you can do while watching TV and in the comfort of your own home.  Personally, I think that’s a pretty awesome side job.

Doing the Match on Coupons by Brett Arends.