Land’s End: Girl’s Embroidered Scarf $2.99 and Free Shipping


Looking for gifts for girls?  Check out this deal:  Land’s End has Girl’s Embroidered Scarf for $2.99, down from $14.50.  Use the code BRISK and PIN 3224 to get free shipping.  Here are some other finds:

Girls’ Long Sleeve Graphic Tee $4.99 from $14.50

Girls’ Pattern Tights $3.99 from $9.50

Just look around because stuff is just going fast.  I keep clicking on things available and then it shows out of stock.  Happy Bargain Hunting!

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  • Lisa

    Thanks! Just got a Christmas dress, a summer dress, very nice flipflops and that scarf you featured for $40 with FREE shipping. Works for me.

  • Stephanie

    Thank you so much. Perfect for my girls’ stockings.

  • Melanie B

    I snapped one up quick in berry for my daughter! Great deal! Get ’em while they last…

  • Thanks you as my grandaughter will love this..and it is getting so cold here in Oregon.

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  • Anne

    Thank you so much! I just ordered 6 of them and shipped them to 3 different address’ for FREE!

  • Lori

    It’s showing pattern tights for $5.99. Only textured tights are $3.99 for me.

  • vicki

    I just got one for my daughter…I’m going to tuck it in her stocking!

  • Marcia S

    they also have Robeez’s for about $13 another good price!

  • david

    cant find the deal on there anymore. must be sold out

  • Katherin Sneed

    Hi I reach your site when i was searching yahoo for this