Problems Registering Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee Cards

Problems Registering Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee Cards

**UPDATE 11/26/15* Check out THIS POST for more info on the 2015 Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee!


*UPDATE 11/26/14* Yikes! Problems registering 1-Hour Guarantee cards is never fun! Check out our post on how to register your 1-Hour guarantee items, and comment on any problems you’re having there. We’ll try to help. Also, if you’ve already successfully registered your 1-Hour Guarantee card, come on over and help out those who are having problems!

*Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee Problems – UPDATE 12/2/2013* If you’re still having problems with your Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee card, you’ll be happy to hear that the deadline has been extended until Wednesday, December 4th at 11:59 PM. In the meantime, try a different computer or browser, or use your mobile device to register. It may work. 

*Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee Problems – UPDATE 11/29/2013* Some of our readers have had success purchasing their items, which are still on sale on, by using their access code as a gift card number. It’s a roundabout way of doing things, but it might work for some items…

Here are the ones I’ve found that are still on sale:

If anyone else can get this to work, please let us know!

*UPDATE 11/29/2013 7:20 PM ET* I just wanted to share what someone else left in the comments. Keep in mind that this most likely won’t work with every item or every guarantee card, but it may work with some. If the following method works for you, let us know which item you had, so others can try the same thing. Here’s what Megan had to say…

“You know how the cards they gave us count as a gift card towards the product? well I just went on there website instead, because I was tired of the issues, and found the item on the sale still. I added it to the cart and then used the scratch off area as the gift card to pay it with the pin. It worked for all 3 cards I had. HTH and good luck to all!”

Well, I don’t usually post too many non-deal related items, but I felt I should address the concerns about problems registering Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee cards. The Walmart Facbook page is currently being bombarded with complaints and concerns regarding problems registering Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee cards. A number of you have left your comments and concerns on these two previous blog posts:

How to Get a Walmart 1-Hour In Stock Guarantee Card

Walmart’s 1-hour In Stock Guarantee: What Is It?

Apparently, you’re supposed to head over to to register your Guarantee card before Sunday night.

From what I’m understanding, though, many people can’t get through to the site to register their Guarantee Cards. This is most likely due to the sheer massive number of website visitors that the website is currently getting. Thousands of people most likely rushed home to register Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee cards right away. Most websites simply can’t handle this influx of traffic all at once.

If you’re met with a waiting page, you have a couple of options. You can wait for the page to refresh every 30 seconds, or you can simply wait until the traffic dies down a bit. My advice would be to wait until tomorrow if you’re having problems registering a Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee Card. Remember – you have until 11:59 PM on Sunday, December 1st to register your card.

Another problem some people have run into involves choosing different colors on the Beats By Dre headphones. According to a comment on the Walmart Facebook page, this is a known problem, and they were working on getting it fixed. If you’re having this problem, try clearing your browser cache, restarting your browser, and trying again. Don’t order, however, until you’re given a color option.

Some people also seem to be having problems with invalid or inactive Guarantee Cards. If you get this message, it could mean that your Guarantee Card was not activated properly at the register. If you’re getting this message, try contacting the store where you purchased the card. They may ask you to bring in the card as well as your original cash register receipt to correct the problem.

If these problems continue for much longer, one would think that Walmart would at least extend the registration deadline. However, I’m thinking that most of these problems will correct themselves as the traffic to the website slows down, and all of the bugs and glitches are worked out.

If you still have questions, you can read through the 1-hour In Stock Guarantee FAQ on the Walmart website. You’ll also find a phone number to the Customer Service team who should be able to assist you further.

Hopefully all of the problems registering the Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee Cards clears up soon. I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything more, and be sure to let us know if you were able to register your own card.

Good luck, everyone! Don’t forget to share this post if you know anyone who may be having problems registering their Guarantee Cards. Hopefully, we can all work through this and get it figured out quickly!

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  • Gary Arrington

    I got through to the page where you enter your access code, but neither of my codes seem to be valid!

    • doug

      Your comments are very optimistic. I received an error messsage that says invalid access code from my receipt. I am not the only customer getting such a message. I do not see how that relates to overuse of website.
      The telephone help line is jammed. Walmart has a huge PR problem and potential liability.

      • doug

        Same with me. Frustrated. Is this a black Friday scam?

        • bill

          same with me it seems like a scam… they say in the fine print they’ll at least give you a gift card for the same amount that you spent…. what that’s a crock of bull. you waited in line and the front of the card says sold out don’t worry. well get it for you at the black Friday price….. so hopefully walmart does and gives the buyers that waited in line and then went home and spent hours trying to register there product. then went back to the store to do it all over again….the good deal that they had to jump hurdles and go through hell and high water the discount….. a lot of unhappy people…..where can we get it in writing and the peace of mind that they will honor there deal….. help us out and quit sending us to dead ends….

          • Mercedes Levy


            I am trying to help. I started trying to help last night, and have been trying ever since. I’m just relaying what I’ve found out.

          • Jared

            If you are having problems then call 1-800-walmart and the customer service rep will help you to get either the original product or better one. Walmart is not trying to scam it’s customers there was just a glitch in the system that has caused the inconvenience. I hope everyone’s purchase works out and that everyone has a Merry Christmas

      • Mercedes Levy


        You’re right – the invalid access code problem is NOT due to high website traffic. The problems with people getting through last night when I posted this originally was most likely due to that.

        As I mentioned above, if you receive a message that your access code is invalid or you don’t have an access code printed anywhere on your receipt, this is a separate problem. It most likely occurred because the card did not get activated or ring up properly at the register last night or today. From what I’ve found online, you’ll need to take your Guarantee Card and your receipt back to the store where you purchased it.

        I don’t work at Walmart, nor did I get a guarantee card this year, so I don’t exactly know what’s going on. I’m just trying to help, since I know it HAS to be very frustrating and upsetting. I’m relaying anything I find to everyone here through the set of three 1-hour Walmart Guarantee posts I’ve written.

        Good luck to everyone! 🙁 Hopefully everything will work out in the end – one way or another.

        Do let us all know if any of you have cleared up a problem with the invalid access code on a Guarantee Card…

        • frank

          Well I just return from Walmart so that they can reissue me a new access code and guess what. That new code is also invalid. This is ridiculous that the world’s largest retailer is having these types of problems. I cannot believe that they did not have servers stationed in multiple locations that would normally serve as load balancers and could handle traffic in case of point of failure occurred. They need to seriously take a long hard look at their IT department. Unbelievable that I have to waiting for hours to get this guaranteed card only to have to return to the store to have to wait in line again to get a second card that is also invalid. They should have called it guarantee “that you will not get your item sale.” Now it makes me seriously wonder if they will be able to secure enough TVs to meet all of their customers demand before Christmas. Or will I have to wait until next year’s Christmas to get my TV.

          • bill

            same thing issued another one and invalid…. its not easy tokeep running when I think theyre just stalling buyers out..

          • frank

            Just and update!!! I had to go back to Wal-Mart a third time. This time with the mind set that I was not going to leave until they fixed the issue. Lets say 2 hours later I had a access code that worked. A group of about 6 customers debated with management for hours. They tried all kind of technical angles but since I use to work in the IT field I shot all there excuses down. Long, Long Story short and how they fixed the problem for the $98 32″. All stores were given a very limited amount of original bar code stickers that they placed on the 1 hour guarantee card. When they ran out of the original stickers the stores were instructed to print additional stickers from a file they received from corporate. That is where the problem began. The additional stickers cause the registers to not validate access codes. Management finally received some original bar code stickers fax from corporate. These original bar code stickers work. I was able to go home and register for my TV. Management informed me that corporate was in the process of faxing these original bar codes to all stores with new instructions. It took hours of debating management back and forth but the group of us was determined to get our TVs just out of principal. I hope this helps!!!!!!

          • C. Connell

            The only solution is to return to the store and have them re-ring the purchase USING A NEW BAR CODE that Walmart emailed store managers to fix the defective SKUs that produce the Access Codes that do not work. Took me three trips to the store and eight wrong access codes before they found the sheet with the 1-Hour Guarantee SKUs that work. Don’t bother calling the toll-free 877 number that goes nowhere

        • Beth

          I went back to the store and they tried 5 different codes, none worked.

        • keith

          I took my receipt and card back to Walmart. They didn’t really look into anything they said pound sand and wait. I agree the invalid code on the receipt has nothing to do with anything but inept employees that have not been trained or educated. They are not at fault. Walmart doesn’t really care about their employees. Why would the train them? Did Walmart design Obama Care website? Frustrated and I do feel like I have been scammed.

        • Ms. G

          Well I was out of town for Thanksgiving and I ended up having to drive 45 min back to the Wal-Mart that I
          got the 1 hour guarantee deal at just to get two different access codes that still didn’t work. I was pissed
          because before I drove back to the Wal-Mart in Hillsboro I let her know upfront that I was from out of town and the asst. manager told me that I had to come back into the store, so I did, and it turned out to be a waste of time and gas. The Wal-Mart in Hewitt, Texas would not do anything with it. So getting another access code is not the answer, its just frustrate you more because it still will not go through.

        • kim daw

          I took my card back to walmart and they traded it out and this one does not work either. still getting enter valid code. 🙂

          • darryl mcgregor

            i did the same thing and still getting invalg code

        • Gb

          The problem with taking the card back to the store where purchased is my transit is 40mi one way so I went to a local walmart and they refused to help stated their email from corporate said “store where purchased” then I went to another local walmart and they refused to enter it I demanded my money back at this store they did not want to Refund but I insisted. My trips ended in a total 140mi. This is ridiculous if you buy at walmart you should be able to fix it at any store

        • just call the 1-877-745-0190 number stay on the line, they will tell you the waiting seconds or mintues. They will take your code and process your information, however the Element 32 inch flat screen have been replaced with Emerson, was told it was rated better! By the way my waiting time was about 3 mintues today Dec 2, 2013

          • Mercedes Levy

            Thanks for the info, Renard! 🙂 I’m glad everything is starting to work out for everyone.

      • Sandy

        That is what happened to me the cards are loaded and they have the money on them but the access code keeps saying invalid I bought the TV’s.

      • Jeff Brown

        Having the same issue and the website has been flooded with people but Walmart has been deleting. Went to the store and they said it is on website and not their issue and to wait it out. It has been two days and no explanation……not so much the deal that we thought.

    • Mary

      I am having the same problem entering the access code. They say “enter a valid access code”. The customer service phone number hangs up after telling you to go to which doesn’t exist. This is ridiculous and the last year I’ll be shopping at Walmart.

      • bill

        yep the run around tatic..
        hopefully they get it fixed soon cause I desire me tv… thanks

    • Beth

      I’m having difficulties also…purchase 1 hr guarantee on tv, I went to the website today to claim, site stated invalid access code. I called 877 number, hangs up on you, called store, they had me come in for a new access code…we went through 5 of them, none of them work. When I left 2 hours later, the line of people with invalid access codes was 15 people deep. The store claimed they didn’t have a way to call to see how we could fix the problem. It’s a problem if the chain of command at the brick and mortar store can’t contact or headquarters. Disappointed.

    • dawn

      at least you got to the page for the codes I cant even get there.

    • Ldynasty

      i was able to use my access code for the tablet i bought but the 98.00 tv vouchers they were handing out they ran out of and they started printing them out but with now access code to scratch off just a code with a 98.00 walmart bar code on it im so pissed i called walmart they said i had to call 1877 number but guy just comes on and starts talking and says call back or stay online for the next available rep then it does a busy dial tone and hangs up on you if i dont get my tv i waited in line for for 3hrs. im never shopping at walmart again especially on blackfriday very unorganized in store and managers didn’t know shit about the codes like they were coming from another company bitch there walmart vouchers and codes and you work at walmart…walmart better get it together or this will be an epic walmart fail and they will loose alot of loyal customers i could have shopped elsewhere well next years blackfriday every body will know walmart scammed millions of people and they fell through on there promises and a lot of people wont go thru the hassle anymore guys this was the best thing for walmart employees they were mad about the hours well hell next year it will be better cause there wont be a huge crowd no one has time or money to waste on BS i don’t want a gift card i want my tv if i wanted a gift card i would have just bought one!!!!!!!!!

    • RD


    • daljit k dhillion

      what do i do if I put the correct access code but it keeps saying its valid.

    • charlene bree

      i cant even get in to redeem it and time is running out. indicates web page cannot be displayed. really!!!!!!

    • Chris

      Go to walmart to get new code . Worked for me

      • Pat

        Initially after putting in access code it was stuck on updating. Tried new browser Mozilla Firefox and everything loaded and completed registration easily.

    • Carol

      I finally figured it out! You must put in the access code from your your receipt then when you get to the page asking for payment you put in the code off the card with the pin and apply as gift card! Just got through! Only took me 1 1/2 days to finally figure it out! Hope this helps!

    • Derrick A. Young

      I’m having trouble finding which store my tv’s went to

      • Mercedes Levy


        Have you contacted the stores in your area?

  • Kris

    We waited in line for 30 minutes to get a 1 hour guarantee card. Waited 1.5 hours in line behind 5 people at the register. They put a lady on the register that should not have been there. Came home tried to register and no access code on receipt. Called the store and they said there is a glitch. They said we have to come back in and cancel the transaction and redo it. What??????? I missed out on other places and deals for this?? Never again!!! I can’t even imagine going into Walmart today to redo this transaction.

    • I was able to get on . I am stressing . Thursday night they Ran out of tv’s

      • Sorry I was not able to get on

    • Mercedes Levy

      Oh no, Kris… I wouldn’t want to go back today either! It’s going to be insane! I know what you mean. I waited in line behind 4 people at my Walmart for an hour, just for one small item. My cashier probably shouldn’t have been there either…

      Maybe you can wait until later or tomorrow when it’s not so busy to go back? I know you can also get a refund for your Guarantee Card if you don’t want to go through that hassle. The link to FAQ in the post above explains how. It’s FAQ #2, #6, #8, and #9 I think…

      • mercedes levy, could you please, send me the page you used to registered at walmart 1hr instock guarantee. tko

  • Allie

    When I go to the website it asks for the access code on my receipt. When I enter it, it takes me to a page that says I PAID for the item, it asks if I want the coverage plan and I do, when I click continue it takes me to checkout and wants me to pay for the item again! My total is over $300, when I already paid for it! Is anyone else having this problem???

    • bethany

      you will use the gift card that they gave you at the register then you you will pay separately for the warranty

      • Jessica

        Yes I Paid for the @ the store… then they gave the GC back to me w a 2 dollar balance when I follow the directions on the website I did not get an e-mail or anything I have called alot of times get a buzy signal. I just want my TV that was free w my 100 GF that was already paid for at the store?

  • I have entered all information and paid the tax on my purchase I am out of town and used a relatives computer I’m waiting for my turn to finish my check-out. I do not live here and it says not to close or refresh, what am I supposed to do if the site is in high traffic and I can not complete before I leave and my credit card has already been used for the tax?

  • Emily

    I went to register at with my access code on my walmart receipt this afternoon. I put in my code and received and error. Please enter a valid access code. CAN YOU SAY, ANNOYED! Please fix this walmart! I would like my TV! Thanks..

  • Nancy

    I purchased an iPad mini and got the card, no problems entering my information. Received my confirmation that it will be in store for pick up between 12/14 & 12/22. Gift card will also be emailed once product is shipped.
    I have to say I did very well at WalMart this year, scored everything I needed in 3 hours which included the 1 hour I had to wait to get in 🙂

    • Mercedes Levy

      I’m glad to hear that you were able to register your card without any problems, Nancy. Looks like you were one of the lucky ones.

      Congratulations on your score this year! Way to go!

    • Jessica

      I got my GF last night at teh store and paid for the TV there- then came home w the ticket and activation code but I have yet to get an e-mail and it says my TV is still 98 dollars

      • Liliana

        puedes pasar el enlace donde activaste el código para la tv. por favor

  • greg

    Stood in line for the $98, 32″ TV, did not make it there in time to get a bracelet for the in-box item, was given a 1-hour in-stock guarantee card, pay at register as was required.

    Similar issue with the checkout girl as she seemed confused and scared, around a 30 minute wait with 7 people in front of me. Got back home to register the certificate online, says “activation code invalid”. Called store and it is true, you must take the receipt and card back to the store of purchase, they will have to cancel and then re apply. Apparently the purchases could be entered incorrectly in the register system, instead of putting it on a hold for a prepaid item the transaction is purchased for an actual prepaid shopping card, with the balance based upon the ring in total for the item. Similar concept, very different results. Asked for a refund.

    Wally is pretty good about getting things done, I am not knocking them for what is a good deal on an item and the guarantee program. Should have had a little more training for employees instead of having them stand at the end cap with Pepsi and Coke bottles, patiently waiting for 3 hours for customers to arrive, I should have got there earlier as well.

    Lesson learned: Arrive well in advance for the “doorbuster” deals, and get an in-box item.

  • Heather

    I didn’t have any problems registering my card last night. I did get the wait screen, but just left it up and checked every few minutes until the page loaded. It took about 45 mins or so.

    • Jessica

      I paid for the tv at the store w the GF? then went online to redeem I dont know if im good to go or not? I had a good experience w items I needed too but I do want my tv

  • Claudia

    I purchased 2 TV’s last night and received 2 guarantee cards. I was able to register the access code and then at check-out, I used the “gift card” number and pin (under the scratch off ) on the guarantee card. Everything worked fine and I received a confirmation email that I would be notified when my TV’s are at my local store.

    Last year, my guarantee cards would not work because the cashier had did not ring it up correctly. I just went in and they took care of it.

  • Christine

    It was just having issues mostly with the 32″ tvs.. and if any one noticed it wont matter which you get they will give you what they want because the flyer said BRANDS VARY BY STORE

    no promise on what brand you will get at all 🙁

  • LaVonn

    The web site is screwed up. Wont take my card number. Bunch of bull. Going to call my local walmart and see what they say. I already paid for my tv plus tax. Can’t get thru the 1 877 number. too busy. Not a happy with walmart today.

    • Mercedes Levy

      I don’t think very many people are happy with Walmart today, LaVonn, and for good reason! Let us know what your Walmart tells you, if you get the chance. Maybe it’ll be helpful to some of the others having problems.

  • Atlai

    I bought 3 cards for the tablet deals and none of the access codes work. Called em up and was told to keep trying as its due to the traffic of the online server. Would it be possible to just ask for a tablet once they arrive at the store seeing as I already paid for them?

    • Mary R Hotard

      If you don’t register the card, it will become a regular Walmart Gift Card with no guarantee to get the tablet. It is in the fine print.

    • Mercedes Levy


      As I understand it, you must register the Guarantee Card before the deadline (December 1st by 11:59PM) in order to get your items. If you don’t register your card, it will simply become a Walmart gift card preloaded with the amount you paid for your the tablets. You will NOT get the tablets if you don’t register your cards.

      If the website is telling you that the access cards are invalid, I doubt that’s due to a website traffic problem. From what I’ve heard from others, you’ll need to return to the store with your guarantee card and receipt and redo the transaction. There’s a good chance that the cards did not ring up correctly.

  • Mary R Hotard

    My husband just returned from our local Walmart to check on an access code for Beats, and my missing access code for my IPad mini. We were both able to place our orders. However, he did not have a choice of colors for the Beats. The arrival dates state they will arrive at our Walmart 12/14 – 12/22. Good luck to all. Seems like some of the problems are beginning to clear up.

    • Mercedes Levy

      It’s good that you were able to place your orders, Mary! Too bad you weren’t able to choose the color you wanted on the headphones, though. 🙁

      Other people were also having problems with the color choices for the Beats headphones last night. It was a website problem that they were supposed to be fixing.

      • candace

        After seeing this concern on a few forums tonight, I checked out the ad again, and noticed that the 1 hour guarantee icon is placed directly on the black headset, possibly indicating only one color option is covered for the guarantee(?).

  • Andy

    I was third in line at 6pm when the ‘sale’ was supposed to start, and
    was told they had 125 TVs and all had been promised to others, so
    I got a “guarantee” card. I stood at the register for a full hour while
    the girl tried to figure out what to do, and finally a ‘supervisor’ came
    by to help. When I got home, the access code did not work and when I
    finally got thru to customer’service’ , I was told they had a computer
    screw up and I should go to the store (20 miles, each way) to get a
    new access number. I called the store and they said they couldn’t
    take the numbers from me over the phone and I had to go in
    person. And I had to do it in the next 3 days.
    Well, I’ll try it, and if it screws up again, I’ll get a refund and not
    bother with Walmart anymore. Probably I’ll load my shopping
    cart with towels and linens, and put a couple gallons of ice
    cream on top while I’m waiting. I sure hope it doesn’t make
    a mess……

    • Mercedes Levy

      LoL 😀

      Too bad you’re having problems, Andy, but it’s good you have a sense of humor about everything! Good luck with your Walmart trip! Let us know how everything works out for you.

  • Bought two one hr guarantee. Neither access codes work. Called Walmart- told me to bring back in and get new cards! Going back to get my $750.00 back! What a mess!

  • Amanda

    You can’t even get through on the phone, the code from the receipt brings up an error code and tells me to call or wait a few hours. I can’t even check to see if my 1 hour guarantee card code works. I called my store and of course it was busy.

  • Hrushi Vora

    I have paid for iPad mini yesterday at wal mart store in Oswego IL. I have the wal mart receipt but I do not see the Access code for the item. Please advise. I am trying to reach CS but the phone remains busy after recorded message

    Hrushi Vora

    • Jessica

      its at the very top of the GC receipt like 16 digits

  • Gary Arrington

    I just got back from Walmart with new access codes and gift cards…guess what? The codes are STILL invalid!

    • K

      I had the same experience, invalid code, emailed walmart, they told me to go to the store, I got a new code, came home new code doesn’t work. I want to work with walmart, but they make it difficult when their phone line just hangs up on you. 🙁

  • Barb Mckinney

    Couldn’t get my TV BUT I paid for it went home tried to get on line and if I wanted to but it AGAIN I could get one, called the store said I had to come in and get another card & code. OK so I did that and it does not work either , called the store again said come in and get another card. WTF Round trip is 22 miles and this is the second time today I am doing this. Did the website work with the Obama Care web sight? Works almost as well.

  • Scott

    Will get money back and go to another store ! will not go there next year.

  • Megan

    You know how the cards they gave us count as a gift card towards the product? well I just went on there website instead, because I was tired of the issues, and found the item on the sale still. I added it to the cart and then used the scratch off area as the gift card to pay it with the pin. It worked for all 3 cards I had. HTH and good luck to all!

    • Mercedes Levy

      Wow! Good thinking, Megan! I’m glad it worked out for you! I’ll update the post with what worked for you. I’m sure it won’t work on ALL items, but it should work for some.

      • frank

        Just and update!!! I had to go back to Wal-Mart a third time. This time with the mind set that I was not going to leave until they fixed the issue. Lets say 2 hours later I had a access code that worked. A group of about 6 customers debated with management for hours. They tried all kind of technical angles but since I use to work in the IT field I shot all there excuses down. Long, Long Story short and how they fixed the problem for the $98 32″. All stores were given a very limited amount of original bar code stickers that they placed on the 1 hour guarantee card. When they ran out of the original stickers the stores were instructed to print additional stickers from a file they received from corporate. That is where the problem began. The additional stickers cause the registers to not validate access codes. Management finally received some original bar code stickers fax from corporate. These original bar code stickers work. I was able to go home and register for my TV. Management informed me that corporate was in the process of faxing these original bar codes to all stores with new instructions. It took hours of debating management back and forth but the group of us was determined to get our TVs just out of principal. I hope this helps!!!!!!

        • Mercedes Levy

          Wow, thanks for that update, Frank, and for staying at your Walmart that long to figure out what’s going on! Hopefully, things are finally going to get sorted out soon…

        • Sandy

          yes thanks that is what I was looking for I figured I was going to have to go back but I did want to make sure there would be an answer to the question as to why this stupid access code didn’t work since I knew it never left my site…

    • Mercedes Levy


      Which item did you purchase the Guarantee Card for?

  • Paige A

    i bought the TV last night trying to register earlier today and now again tonight I CANT get to the part to even register it. Im becoming frustrated. im RELYING on this TV to be here BEFORE Christmas… please help

  • KK

    So, I waited in line for an hour to only receive a voucher and a prepaid gift card ;( Which I cannot access my access code on their site.

  • I paid for my item in store. why am I using my “gift card” to pay for the item?? i had to change store locations from NC to VA, and got a refund, ok that shows up on the gift card balance. so why do i NOT HAVE $100 on my gift card???

  • Shirley

    Whatta. Scam is all I have to say. Yea just like momma.used to say if it sounds to good to he true probably is. Walmart will not get another dime from me. No offer to compensate for the bad service. My money is back in the bank.

  • Anthony

    Guess what people, I to had a problem with my access card, it supposedly was not valid. I contacted the number and was hung up on. I contacted them again but this time it went through. After 45 minutes of hold time I finally got to speak to a representative. They told me the problem has been fixed and they will email you a new access code that does work. No need to go to the store. This problem was just fixed. And she did in fact tell me to tell everyone that was having these problems to do so. Hope this helps everyone… Anthony

    • Mercedes Levy

      That’s good to hear, Anthony. Thanks for letting us know! It sounds like everything is starting to get straightened out finally. Did everyone have to give an email when they purchased a Guarantee Card, or do you have to call them to have it emailed to you?

  • mark

    What phone number exactly Anthony?

  • Craig

    Frank is absolutely right! I bought the TV last night and struggled with multiple access codes that all said: “Please enter a valid access code.” I finally went back to my local Walmart (again!) with the idea that they had scanned the wrong bar code as Frank had said, and as soon as they scanned a different bar code, my new access code worked! The employee retrieved the different bar code to scan from a black binder on the back counter in Customer Service. Thank you Frank and Mercedes for all of your help!

    • Mercedes Levy

      That’s great, Craig! I’m glad it worked out for you, and you’re very welcome. Glad we could help.

  • Gloria

    I was able to input my access codes but have been updating for over 3 hours on my laptop. According to Walmart this was a virtual waiting queue. I then tried to access the website via my iPhone and was able to process my order immediately, no problems. My laptop was still updating.

    • Mercedes Levy

      That’s really odd, Gloria. Thanks for the update!

      Maybe anyone still having this problem should try a different computer or device, if possible. If not, try clearing their cache and reloading the page.

  • mark

    Sorry Anthony, just got through on the number and they wont do a damn thing!

  • Jimmy

    We have been back to our store 3 times and got 3 new codes, each time the access codes FAILED TO WORK. Furthermore the phone number you provided just hangs up on you.

  • ashley

    so I did the same thing as megan and was able to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Centura Straight talk prepaid phone that was advertised for $29. Just go to the site, find your item with the black Friday price and use the code on your one hour guarantee card as a gift card.

  • kathleen

    Called the main 800 # and they were so not helpful. The customer service person said “Give me your access code and I will try it” I gave it to him, he says “Yep, access code invalid.” I said “OK, what should I do?” and he said “I don’t know, I can’t help you.” I have tried the 877 # all day and it just disconnects.
    I didn’t have a problem registering the 60″ Vizio. Is the problem only with the 32″ tv?

  • jerryj

    mine wouldn’t get past the apply gift card wait screen. had been trying since yesterday. Finally tried it on my android phone and it went right thru no problems

  • Veronica

    It is unfortunate there have been so many problems w/the guarantee cards. It’s probably not very encouraging to hear, but I had no problems at all with my card, registering last night and received confirmation of anticipated pick up date range.

  • jay jay

    my access code is not working !

  • cece

    I hadn’t been to these types of function, but last nite i freakin decided to go. Guess what Imma if i don’t get my 98.00 tv, i will not shop at walmart again. I wonder how much interest they’re collecting on this money(bulkmwise). I not spending another dime at walmart. they can kma

  • Chris

    Talked to local customer service and they said to bring receipt and card back to Walmart to replace.

  • Well, after over 24 hours of the stress of having a deadline to meet (Sunday night), I finally called the store just now.

    She said to bring the card with the invalid access code back and they will exchange for a card that will work.

    Now that I’m really angry, it couldn’t be more stressful, but I have to have empathy for the Wal-Mart employees. It must be a lot worse for them.

    Thanks, Mercedes for trying to help. Your comments made the situation better than it would have been. At least this site came up in a Google search.

    Thank you again, Mercedes. I hope this is the last you hear from me. 🙂 LOL

  • William

    If your access code is not working read this. It should be helpful.

    • Malinda

      had the same issue with invalid activation on both my items. The problem is easily resolved but you have to use a computer in the walmart store. IDK why but we were told this tonight barely before the dead line and it worked who knew

      • Mercedes Levy


        I’m glad you finally got your card to work! The more I hear about this, the more I’m thinking that it has something to do with the computers in some situations. I’m hearing a lot about people who try different computers or their mobile devices and finally get them to work. However, the deadline was extended, as of a few nights ago.

        • Mercedes Levy

          I found this on the Walmart website, Melinda:

          If you have lost your receipt call customer service at 1-877-745-0190. If you have your 1-Hour In Stock Guarantee card, the customer service agent will be able to provide you with the access code from your receipt for registering your card.

          Hope it helps! 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    I bought Call of Duty Ghost for xbox 360. Everytime I try and enter my card info, I get this message:
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we’re unable to load the page you’re trying to reach.
    Please call customer service at 1-877-745-0190 referencing error code [ER-003] to get this issue resolved or please try back in a few hours.

    I have tried about 15 times over the last day and a half. The number just hangs up on me.
    I totally believe that unless this gets sorted out, walmart committed a HUGE crime of fraud with it’s consumers.

  • Deb

    I will be honest. I work at WalMart, and understand your complaints. Thursday I sold the guarantee cards in droves, during the sale, and yesterday, I had the misfortune of working the service desk. We, at the store, are just as frustrated as all of you are. Understand, at the store level, we are trying everything we can to make it right, but there is only so much we can do. We were rerunning the transaction, whenever possible, generating new access codes, but no guarantees. WE could direct people to call the 877 or 844 number, whatever it is, as we were told by corporate to do, and yes, the same problems.

    All i know for sure is that WalMart is trying to correct the problems. There were some problems, with cashiers not doing the correct transaction, and that comes directly to training, but most of the problems seem to be with an overwhelmed website. When you are in WalMart, please remember the staff working there are just as frustrated as you are, and have zero control over the corporate issue. Yelling and screaming at us only upsets us, makes us less able to do our jobs, and you will be no further ahead. Remember, we want to help you. We really do and are trying. This is not a problem with your local store, it is corporate.

  • sardar sherzad


    I have the same problem with 1 hour guarantee card. Access code is still invalid. Walmart is making a big mistake. They have not done anything yet to resolve this issue. Looks like this was a plan to kick customers who wanted the product very badly out of the store by giving them this card and charging them for what they did not take home. At the end they will be given their money back, not the product.
    If that happens, Walmart will be in a big problem and will lose its fame through out the US.

  • Andrew

    As of 11:26AM EST, the website seems to be working now. Ive redeemed (albeit exchanged for same goods because walmart sold out) 4 cards.

    Good Luck All!

  • I stood in line and got an access code for the earphones. I have tried for 3 days to enter my access code with no luck. Could the store order for me and honor the price since I have already paid? Otherwise I could have shopped at Target. Any advise?

  • I purchased a guarantee card for the 32″ tv. I tried several times to register it online but to no avail. I took it back to the store at the service desk. They scanned the card & it was invalid. They gave me another one that was good. I finally got it registered after a few tries but there was no where to put in the pin # Also I did not get a confirmation that my card was accepted.

  • lashanda simmons

    I cant access the code because the code came off when I scratch the label off please help

  • Jamie

    Had to wait forever on my computer to claim my one hour guarantee, but used my phone and didn’t have to wait at all. Registered them immediately on my phone.

  • Kevin

    I had issues from the point of checkout at the store. The card didn’t scan correctly. Took an hour and a half for management to figure it out. Got home and went to enter the information and got a message to enter a valid access code. Called support, after an hour I got someone on the phone that told me they are having multiple issues and to call back in the morning. Was 24 hours later before I got through again as the line would play a message then go to a busy signal and cut you off. The second call had the person tell me that it’s due to volume and will correct itself. Then I went in to the store and got a manager. Manager called the same number I had twice called and after 45 minute wait was told to issue a new access code. New access code doesn’t work. Back home. Called again, after 3 hours of trying and 45 minutes on hold. They verified the code didn’t work, took my information and will be calling in the next 24hrs with a new code. I haven’t even gotten to the point of being able to enter the second code and don’t have much faith in it working. With as much time as I have put into this, I am at the point that I have paid more than full price as my time is more valuable than $100. I’m normally paid $50-$250 an hour!

  • kim daw

    HOORAY!!! went to Walmart Customer Service earlier today(3rd try) and they traded out my receipt for my 32″ Tv and I registered the Order as I stood there using my cellphone. Order went through perfect and now I am waiting for it to be delivered to Walmart:)

  • B M

    SUCCESS!! FYI, I had a 1 hr guarantee card for the $98 32″ TV but the access code on the receipt was not being accepted by the website. I finally got thru to the 877-745-0190 number and spoke to a very nice lady. I explained the issue with the access code and she advised that she had just gotten word about 10 minutes earlier that this issue had been corrected and to try it again. I tried it again and IT WORKED. I had just tried it about 30 mins previously and it did not work so I think they may have finally figured it out AND I did not have to go back to the store at all for a new code!!

    If you have an access code that has not been working on their website, TRY IT AGAIN and see if it works now like mine did.

  • jocelyn

    la solucion al problema es entrar desde el celular, por google chrome para que te mande ala pagina y te de la opcion de registro, estando en google chrome le pones walmart one hour guarantee y te arrojara ala primera pagina que es a donde debes entrar

  • OMG…Been trying to register for 24 hrs..nothing. Just keeps spinning..tried to call toll free # keeps hanging up. Finally after 29 minutes they answer only to tell me theres nothing they can do to call them back in a few hours and they will report it to their supervisor…what gives? Never again..

  • Ed Norton

    Perhaps the Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee website was developed by the same company that developed the non-working Obama Care website.

  • eric muilenburg

    i had absolutely no problems. Our Walmart gave out actual gift cards with teh purchase rather than the guarantee card. i went to the site scratched the back of the card and within 5 minutes i was done. If you are having problems have them put your money on a plastic gift card and then go to 1 hour guarantee page. IT WORKS!!!!

    • Gary Arrington


      Glad things went well for you, but for many of us, there were major problems. The gift card had nothing to do with the frustration we experienced. It was the ACCESS CODES (on the receipt) that were wrong. I had plastic gift cards, but could never get past the access code.

      It seems that Walmart corrected the problem sometime yesterday (Saturday) as many people were able to complete their transactions (read Walmart’s Facebook page).

  • Ba Hodges

    Entered code for $99 TV today. They are out now and offer a crappy Emerson TV instead.

    Walmart is going downhill in a hurry

    • Gary Arrington

      The Emerson TV is practically the same thing as the Funai. Funai is the parent company of Emerson, Sylvainia, RCA, and several other “off-brand” tvs.

  • Kristy

    As if the hassle of Black Friday shopping isn’t bad enough, this One Hour Guarantee has been a fiasco. I have gone through all of the troubles listed above. I have yet to get through on the phone number. Always hangs up on me. I have called regular customer service and they say they cannot help me. Very frustrating. You would think they would have the bugs worked out. It’s not as if they don’t have the money to afford working systems.

    • Mercedes Levy


      This 1 Hour Guarantee certainly has been quite the little treat for lots of people. Are you having access code problems? Have you returned to the store? From what I hear, you should be able to take your receipt and guarantee card back to the store you got it from and they’re supposed to give you a new access code. Customer service should have a list of new codes or barcodes. Of course, some people have also said that it’s taken them several trips to get the right code… 🙁

  • Dillon L

    Well I was successfully able to get beats headphones but my sole problem is that I couldn’t pick my color. Do you think I would be able to correct this if I called the walmart number? Any help/suggestions?

    • Mercedes Levy


      Have you completed your transaction yet? If not, try using a different browser, or your mobile device. Some people seem to have luck with this.

      Either way, you might have some luck if you call the Walmart number. They may be able to help you, but it could take a while to get through.

  • Gary


    Let me see if I can summarize where we are today: First, DO NOT call the 877 number…they cannot tell you anymore than what you’re about to read here. In fact, you may get conflicting information from them like I did.

    Take your receipt and your gift card (probably the 1-hour guarantee card that was scanned when you checked out) back to Walmart. They will give you a new gift card and a new receipt with the correct access code. You should then be able to log on to the website and complete your transaction.

    The Funai TVs are sold out, but Walmart is substituting Emerson TVs (made by the same company).

    Walmart has extended the time to register your 1 hour guarantee purchase until Wednesday at midnight.

    Dillion, no matter who you call, you won’t be able to select a color. The terms of service when you purchased the 1 hour guarantee allows Walmart to substitute another item of equal or greater value.

    Again, DO NOT waste your time calling the help number. GO TO THE STORE!

    • Dillon L

      The transaction was already completed. It worked for me Friday night (believe it or not). Order is still being processed. I wanted to get pink one (for girlfriend :D). But no options were available. Could I return them once I get them in different color. You said calling now would not make a difference? There has to be some solution!

      • Mercedes Levy


        Gary’s right about the terms of service for the 1 hour Guarantee. However, you might have some luck exchanging them for a different color once you get them. It can’t hurt to ask…

        Good luck! 🙂

  • vicente

    mine worked just have patience mine didn’t work at first it told me that i had invalid code but just have to wait until the code is register it takes time but it will work no lie.

  • Trina Dotson

    STILL can’t get registered. After I agree to terms & conditions I get a blank blue screen. Then, nothing. ?

    • Mercedes Levy


      The deadline for registering your Guarantee card is tonight, Wednesday December 4th. Have you tried using a different computer or a mobile device?

      If you’re still having problems, my advice would be to either call 1-800-Walmart or 1-877-745-0190, or go back to the store where you purchased the card from. Hopefully, they can get everything straightened around for you.

      Good luck!

  • Jon gore

    I spent hours on Thanksgiving waiting in the cold outside and more time in line inside. I paid for the product I was “Guaranteed” to get before Christmas. I put the order in on 11/29, not issues everything was accepted. Chose my store to ship to and even the alternate contact. Just check the status on 12/7 and status says CANCELLED!! No email notification. Spent over 4 hours over the last 2 days trying to track this down and NOTHING but “Sorry, out of stock”. Bounced from Store to to One Hour Guarantee crew BACK to No one can tell me if I am going to receive this gift for my son that I purchased and have spent hours now trying to track down. don’t respectable retailers make it right for customers by substituting equal or great product for their mistakes? Or is Walmart with all it’s power and money not a respectable retailer?

    • Norm

      Got the same email… and a dozen replies later back to Walmart… sounds like Walmart is unable to honor the “in-stock guarantee” before Christmas …and there is nothing we can do.

      • Mahendra

        Why nothing we can do? We already paid them on Black Friday. It has been 19 days already. Don’t just think about one person’s money. Walmart must have collected millions of dollars on that day. Couldn’t we suit them? Reply me if you know anything we can do to make them surrender.

  • Mahendra

    The Ipad Mini Walmart put on sale (Price: $299+$100 gift card) on the day of Black Friday 2013 had “One Hour Guarantee”. That means in that one hour guarantee period, whoever got the ticket of that item and paid for that item must have the item too. They cannot say the item is out of stock, and especially, they cannot say the item is out of stock when they already get paid for the item 17-18 days ago. And now they sent me an email showing they canceled my order saying the item is out of stock. When I paid for the item on Black Friday night(17-18 days ago), the item wasn’t out of stock. On Black Friday, I stayed awake the whole night and got the ticket including excess code and paid for my iPad Mini, and registered my excess code and purchase online, and in few hours I already received the confirmation email from Walmart, which showed my order will be ready between 12/14/13 and 12/22/13 at my local Walmart store. And now on the 12/13/13, I received an email showed that Walmart issued $328.16 to gift card and canceled my order. I didn’t stay awake the whole night on Black Friday to buy just Walmart gift card. If I want to buy just Walmart gift card, I can go to the store anytime and buy it. I didn’t make any mistake, I didn’t complain that Walmart’s site didn’t let me register the excess code in certain time limit like others did, then why should I suffer?

    I already bought the case cover for this ipad mini in first week of December, and emotionally attached to this item, and have been waiting for since I paid for my item(17-18 days ago). If Walmart wasn’t sure whether that item would be “in stock or out of stock”, the Walmart wasn’t supposed to advertise “One Hour In-stock Guarantee” on the sale paper, and make customers paid for the item at the store right away. Now they don’t want to refund the money either saying their system won’t let them refund the money, so they issued gift cards in the name of refund the money.

    It is really immoral and shameful if they cancel the order just like this, especially big store like Walmart saying the item is out of stock after these 18 days.

  • Joyce

    I have tried to do everything that I was told to do to get the TV. I paid for the TV, registered it online. I returned to the store on 12/14/2013 to pick up TV.. I guess because I am a senior citizen they thought I did not know what store I registered the TV to be picked up from. I will go back to Walmart until this problem is resolved..

  • Linda

    I agree with everyone I purchased the tv stood in line and I haven’t received a email or my tv. I want be shopping at walmart ever again. Eveytimebi call there is a high volume of calls I even sent walmart a email and I have not heard anything back as of yet. I went to walmart last night and still nothing there for me. I’m pissed cause I do not want my money back I want the merchandise I thought I was getting when I paid for it.

  • Dave

    Well, I got my codes entered prior to the deadline, and while registering, I was notified that the model I purchased was no longer available. They substituted another model, and the process asked if I would accept the substiution. I did. This was done for the 4 TVs I bought. Today I got emails saying my orders were ready. I went to Walmart, stood first in line at the pick location, (In the photo dept. at our store) for 20 minutes before I finally asked a manager if anyone was actually working. She got right on the “radio” because she had no idea how to do site to store. Finally got some help, and 15 minutes after provicing my paperwork, 4 TVs showed up… Problem… only 1 was the model on my paperwork. Guy says they were grabbing any 32 inch TVs in stock to fill the orders. Another problem, 2 of the TVs did not even meet the specs of the TVs I bought. And finally, ALL MY PAPERWORK AND RECIEPTS SHOW THE INCORRECT MODELS for 3 of the TVs. I had a manager write on a reciept that I could return after holidays and exchange. Good Luck with that. And finally, I was stopped at the door on my way out, and they had to go get the manager to verify that the TVs I had were indeed mine, since the paperwork did not match. Good luck to the rest of you… This sucks, and no deal is this good. Hardly ever set foot in Walmart, and now I won’t again once I get what I paid for. What a dump.

  • Michael

    We got our 1 hour guarantee card on Black Friday. I went online to register the following day on an email account I rarely use and have never used to contact walmart for any reason prior. Once submitted, I began getting tons of walmart sale spam. I have received at least 10 a day ever since and now, they have no record of my order!!! Although the money on the gift card is still there, the cost of the t”One hour guaranteed price” on the television we bought has gone away. I am sure that walmart set it up this way, now you have to go back to them. Why all the sales ads? was that in the hopes I would buy something different? was it because they knew all along they weren’t going to honor something that I didnt ask for…THEY OFFERED IT TO ME!!! Total wast of time, had I known I wouldhave or could have had an opportunity to do something else with the money. They just did it to lock us in to purchases at Walmart.