RIP Weekly Cinema

I have some bad news to share.  Weekly Cinema seems has gone under.  I am sharing this with you because in the past I have shared deals on Groupon, Tippr and Living Social where they offered discounted Movie Tickets.  If you have not redeemed them yet, you will not be able to now.

If you still have these vouchers, you may want to  contact the group buying site you purchase it from and asking for a refund.  I know that Groupon has their Groupon Promise.  But I would think Tippr and Living Social also offer a guarantee like that.  I have personally already tested the groupon Promise and gotten my money back on a Groupon I had trouble redeeming.

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  • Teri

    I am so disappointed to hear about this. I hope I get a refund. This was a big part of my Christmas plan. 🙁

    • shannon

      I’m very sad about this. I did not purchase through a deal site, I was a registered member with weekly cinema. They’re deals made it affordable to go to the movies again. Guess that stops now though 🙁 I never once in 5 months have any problems with them. I would’ve stayed a loyal customer for years paying my $19.99 a month. Better then netflix I think.

      • Savannah

        You should check out They are the same thing, but actually have more theaters including AMC. I was a member of both and cancelled my weekly cinema, bargain movie tickets has more selection and MUCH better customer service. Hope that helps!

  • Sarah

    I called and spoke with Groupon, and they said that they’ve been assured by the Weekly Cinema sales representative that the website would be up and running by this afternoon.

    I’m not sure I actually believe that, because the message on Weekly Cinema’s website seems much more grim, and you’d think they’d portray the opposite to the consumer if there was even a shred of a chance they weren’t going under.

  • Sarah

    Oh, and while Tippr does have a refund policy in place, it is only good 30 days from the purchase date. Several of the Weekly Cinema offers were only days before that 30 day limit (mine was from October 6th, putting me less than a week out from that refund policy).

  • Teri

    Thanks for the information Sarah! I purchased my deal through LivingSocial. It states on their website that in the event of a company going out of business, they will give a refund. I have contacted their customer service, via their web application, to get more details.

  • peanutkla

    Oh no! I was going to redeem them last week, but my daughter got sick!

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  • Misty

    I sent an e-mail to Groupon via the form on their website earlier this morning, and I’ve already received confirmation that I will get a credit back to my Groupon account. I just stated that I’d been unable to use all the credits I purchased through Weekly Cinema and that it appears the site will not be coming back.

  • Becky

    I just spoke with a representative at Tippr. Since they have a 30 day policy, they are NOT currently giving regular refunds. They WILL give a $25 credit to Tippr. I did not want the Tippr credit, so he took my contact info and said someone will get back to me about if they will make an exception to their 30 day policy.

    • Jane

      Becky, I called Tippr and they told me the exact same thing. They got my phone number and said they would get back to me soon about what they can do.

      I’m still waiting for their reply. Please let me know if you get a call back from the, and I would do the same for you.

      Best of luck,

    • jenn

      Yeah, and I sent them an email and told them I wanted my money back, not credits. If they don’t issue me a refund, I’ll never buy from them again. Groupon refunded my money before I even knew what happened! I had also bought from buywithme and I emailed them also, no answers back from either of them. This is really very disappointing – and embarrassing! I had sent some of those codes out as gifts and now when my relatives tried to redeem them on Fandango, it says the codes are expired! 🙁

    • Amanda

      After reading about Tippr not giving refunds, I called my credit card and disputed the charge. Most credit cards companies will refund your money for a company going under. The man who helped me said that the best thing to do is to dispute the charge as quickly as possible.

      I will definitely never buy from Tippr again! I can’t believe they won’t refund us when they sold coupons to a company that was struggling. Isn’t it their job to screen the company? I will stick with Groupon in the future!

      • heather

        I also bought fromTippr and there is no way I will take credit from them. I called my CC and disputed the charges. Will never use Tippr again they have proved they have horrible customer service. They should make a formal statement they are giving everyone full refunds if they wanted to be considered a good company to do business with. The 30 days policy for a refund is a JOKE now because honestly it will probably be weeks till they deal with everyone.

        I think everyone should band together and Dispute the charges and let them deal with the CC companies since they don’t care about the customers.

  • Katie P

    I ran into this last week when I tried to redeem my last 2 (of 4) tickets. Did talk to Living Social and they offered a full refund even though I’d used two of the tickets! I see the credit in my account today. Very pleased!

  • Sharon P.

    That explains why they never got back to me when I asked why they cancelled my account, though it was about 2 months ago…unless they knew it was coming back then. Glad they never restarted my account!

    • Sharon P.

      I wonder what happened? It was such a good idea, and popular I am sure.

  • jon

    wowza. if we do find that Tippr is not giving refunds for a company for which we have no possibility of using the deal do to no fault of our own, then guess who won’t be using Tippr again…


  • This is wild…. I just redeemed 3 of my 4 groupon tickets through them a few days ago! O.O

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  • SCar

    I used 2 out of my 4 movie tickets from groupon and still got a full refund. I wish i would have used up all four. I might have still gotten all my money back.
    Again, groupon comes through and does not disappoint .

  • Ana

    Apparently they killed their facebook page. Now there’s a new one for people who want their money back.

  • Alicia*

    Thanks to all for the info! I have 8 yet unredeemed tickets, and am encouraged by your experiences with LivingSocial – I hope to have the same response from them when I call tomorrow!!

    • Alicia*

      Living Social’s customer service rep had my refund credited, plus an additional $5 credit within only a few minutes. I am very satisfied! Disappointed to lose the deal on the movie tickets, but I think it worked out well.

  • Such a great deal. Was going to become a monthly subscriber. Being refunded for my 2 unused tickets though

    • Savannah

      I just posted up above, but check out They are the same thing, but in my opinion, much better. Good luck!

  • Mike

    This is really disappointing to me. I was a monthly subscriber for the past few months. This site made it possible for me to afford going to the movies again. I’ve heard that some people had bad experiences with them, but I always had excellent customer support and all of my fandango codes I got from them worked perfectly. I am really going to miss this service. I was automatically refunded. Really hope they can figure something out and offer something like this again. This is devastating news to me.