Great News for All You Magazine Subscribers

I have been getting a LOT of emails and also comments form readers wondering why the difference between the coupons in the All You magazine version mailed to subscribers and that on stands.  Many of you, me included, contacted All You with your discontent and I am very happy to report that they heard you!  Here’s what they have to say:

Last month a few ALL YOU subscribers wrote to me to say how unhappy they were that more coupons appeared in the newsstand version of the magazine than in the copy they received in their mailbox. I agreed—as did my colleagues—that this was not ideal. Subscribers are our loyal customers and we certainly don’t want them to feel short-changed. We are currently reviewing our policies about accepting coupon advertising, with a goal of more closely aligning the coupon value in our newsstand and subscriber editions.

However, because they work several months in advance on an issue, their June edition on newsstands still has about $12.50 more in coupons than the version mailed to subscribers. BUT, you can claim this coupon booklet and have it mailed to you. All you need to do is email

Please include in your e-mail:

1) Your account number, found on the mailing label just above your name and address. It is nine digits and is usually located between two asterisks, for example *123456789*
2) Your name and address as it appears on the mailing label
3) Your e-mail address
4) A specific mention that you are looking for the “Coupon book from the June issue of All You.”

I am so happy All You magazine is working towards bridging these differences.  We all need to save money! The best part is that you can feel good about getting a subscription for $0.80 per issue because you know you won’t be missing out on any coupons.  BTW, if you missed out on my previous subscription offer, this month Amazon is offering a one year subscription to all You Magazine for $10 after instant $5 discount.

Special thanks to Tara, the Deal Seeking Mom, for sharing this last night on twitter.