Walgreens Deal: Free or Cheap Greeting Cards

This week Walgreens is running a register rewards promotion on Hallmart greeting cards: Buy 8 or more Hallmark cards and get back a $5 register rewards, or buy four cards and get back $2RR.  Some of the cheapest cards are the kids cards that sell for $0.49 and there are regular cards that sell for $0.99, so you could:

Buy eight Hallmark cards $0.49-0.99
Pay somewhere between $3.92-7.92
Get back $5 register rewards

From what I am seeing reported your stores may not carry a whole lot of $0.49 cards but hopefully enough $0.99 ones.  Personally i can’t believe how ridiculously expensive greeting cards can be.

Thanks Wild for Wags and Coupon Cravings!

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  • Megan J

    What a great deal! I can stock up on cards for my nieces’ birthdays and sometimes the “kiddy cards” are fun to send to friends too. Thanks!

  • Deb

    My WG didn’t have any of the .49 cards, but quite a few of the .99. There is a coupon in the ad for .44 off of Hallmark cards priced $1.50 or higher, so you could get a “nicer” card for $1.06 each.

    • Deb, did you find many oif the $1.50 or so cards?


  • sarah

    Went yesterday and found a whole display of the 99 cent cards. $2.92 for 8 greeting cards is still a great deal. Stocked up on cute new baby, baby shower, and kids birthday cards.

  • Laura

    I tried buying 4 of the Hallmark $0.60 cards -just the simple little cards with out envelopes and & 4 of the $0.99 cards. I only got a $2RR back. The simple little $0.60-$0.75 ones did not work for the deal.

  • Kitty

    the .89 and .99 cent cards will work. if you buy 8, you will get a $5 RR. however, these cards are not that great 🙂 and are very difficult to locate (look down the very bottom of the display)