Walgreens: Free Almay Pure Blends Make Up and More

almaypureblendsIt’s time to stock up on free or better than free make up!  There are two more monthly register rewards deals going on at Walgreens (11/1-11/28):

::: Buy one Almay Pure Blends Foundation $9.99 (at my store) and get a $10 RR back and

:::Buy one Almay Pure Eye Shadow $7.49 OR LipGloss $7.49 OR Mascara $6.99 and get a $5 RR back

This week Almay make up is on sale buy one get one 50% off but I have gotten emails from readers sharing that it is actually ringing buy one get one FREE.  Coupled with the register rewards deals above, buy one foundation and either an eye shadow, lip gloss or Mascara. Pay for the Foundation only ($9.99 plus tax) and get back $15 in register rewards back! Thank you Melanie for the heads up on this awesome deal!

Since the Almay make up is ringing up buy one get one free, the Almay One Coat mascara is actually a moneymaker deal as well:

Almay One Coat Mascara on sale buy one get one 50% off (psa 6.99)
Use $4/1 coupon from November Coupon booklet (one coupon will deduct $8)
FREE plus $1.01 in overage after coupon

Happy Savings!

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  • Wow!!

    I definitely got the BOGO deal on the Almay mascara, but I’ve done the transaction three times now (
    Money-Maker Almay) and have not gotten a $5 RR.

    Is this working for others?


    • The RR deal is for the PURE BLENDS type ONLY, NOT the One Coat Mascara. The Blush is NOT included.


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  • Has anyone seen if this is working on the Almay blush?

    Claire at Saving Money Plan

  • Sorry: just one more question!

    Did anyone who did the Almay mascara deal BOGO ALSO receive a $5 RR?


    • Hi Claire,

      This info came from a reader who did the deal three times and I went to my own store to do it as well.


  • Sarah

    Thanks, Mercedes!

    I had 2 $9 RR set to expire tomorrow and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to roll them very effectively. I did the BOGO deal twice and came home with 2 foundations, 2 mascaras, 18 cans of tomato sauce (for only $4.28 OOP!- mostly due to high Tennessee sales tax)and $30 RR!

  • Ladyghost

    I work for Walgreens and can confirm that this is accurate. We had several people complete this transaction today and I did it myself. 🙂

  • April

    It just worked for me in Austin, TX. My question is, are these RRs rolling? They say thank you for your purchase at the bottom. So I thought they might be…does anyone know?

  • Andrea

    Awww…but I need blush too! 😉 Thanks for the heads’ up!

  • Kristina L.

    WOW!!!!I did the Almay Pure Blends X2 and got 15RR back. I also got alot of the one coat mascara for .95

  • Kristianne

    The deals worked for me in So Cal. Thanks Mercedes.

  • Jennifer

    Here’s another deal I found on AFC:

    The Lubriderm Daily Moisture for normal to dry skin Fragrance Free 6 oz. that has UPC #5280048826 and is priced at $3.79 is a participating products for the Register Reward and is supposed to be only this one type that will work for the deal. The scenario from the Hiptosave blog said the following:

    “Deal Scenario:
    Buy 3 Lubriderm Daily Moisture for normal to dry skin Fragrance Free $3.79
    Use 3 $2/1 coupons from the 10/11RP or from here
    Plus, use the $1/1 Walgreens Lubriderm coupon from the Diabetes & You booklet
    (will deduct $3 for purchasing 3)
    Pay $2.37
    Get back an $8RR
    Final cost FREE + a $5.63 moneymaker!

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  • Kathryn

    Thanks mercedes I got one foundation, one eye shadow, and 2 mascaras and $15RR for $10!

  • Laurie

    I’m with April- anyone tried to roll this deal yet?? Too chicken/greedy 😉 to try myself. Doesn’t seem to be anything this wk that puts out a big enough RR to use on this deal. Has anyone done this today to see if it’s still working at all? I’m sure it will be like the Triaminic double RR and Conair hair dryer thing where it takes them a day or 2 but they fix their “mistake.”

    • April and Laurie,

      As a general rule register rewards don’t roll at Walgreens. It is true sometiems they do but that’s the exception more than the rule. There are other ways you can roll your RRs without risking losing them. Right now you can do the lubriderm deal or a mix of the Dulcolax or theraflu. It’s a bit more work but safer way to do this.


  • Kristel

    Just came back from Walgreens to do the Almay deal and the second one is now (Monday morning) ringing up at 50% off instead of free.

  • I got the Almay mascara BOGO this morning. The only problem was the cashier would only let me use the $4 coupon on one not all 4 that I bought. I needed the mascara so I let it go. I may try another store later today and see if I can get the deal to work.

  • dawn


    You must have had a real stickler because my cashier rang up the 4 mascaras and scanned the coupon one time and the $4 came off automatically 4 times. It wasn’t like she had to scan it 4 times or anything. Try again!

  • dawn

    I forgot to add that the eyeshadow did not ring up at B1G1 or even half price. It rang up full price with the foundation. I told her to take them both off rather than fight about it. I just got the mascaras. I hate register rewards anyway. I’d much rather get extra bucks! They are so much nicer about redeeming and issuing those!

  • Jennie

    Worked for me at 11:34 am CDT November 2nd.

  • Amy

    worked for me today! i am going back tomorrow to get more, hopefully it wont be fixed by then! hmmm… maybe i should go back today?!

  • Daniel

    Keep a close Eye on the register. My wife and I did this and they both rang up 9.99 and 7.99 but then at the end of the transaction it took 7.99 off.

  • Ashley

    Wow, that was great! I love that mascara and almost bought it a couple of weeks ago but didn’t get around to it. Now I paid to buy a few! I must admit I LOVE L’Oreal foundation but am having fun trying out different ones that I get for free.

  • Jaime

    Only 50% off the 2nd Almay for me, but I did get the $15 RR, so it was worth it!

  • mm

    I just came back buying both Pure blend products: foundation and masacara and it ring up b1g50% off and another bummer is that for some reason my foundation ring up 3.29 not 9.99 so I only recieved 5rr. I didnt notice until I was driving back home =(

  • Kim

    I did both deals this evening and got mine BOGO! :jump: The gal at the register said “Wow.. what did you buy? I gotta remember that!” LOL. Gotta love it.

    Almay is one of the 2 makeups I can actually wear so Im thrilled to pieces about this deal.. Thanks for sharing it..

    Anyone know how long makeup (sealed in the original container)stays good for? I wouldnt think it would be good beyond a year.. Anyone know?
    I got 4 mascaras & 2 foundations and Im set for the year! Thank you Wags & Almay! 😀

  • I went to another Walgreens this evening and got 4 packs of mascara for less then $4. It was an even better deal because each pack was a b uy2 for 1. So total I got 8 mascaras for $4.

  • Bekah

    This just worked as a B1G1 50% off in Belleville, IL. The total (for foundation & lip gloss) was around $14.95, but printed $15 RR. I used the $5 RR towards the mascara deal! Thanks for posting!

  • Lisa

    Just purchased the Almay Foundation and Pure Blends mascara. They must have “fixed” the registers in Peoria because it rang up B1G1 50% off. But, I did get the $15 RR so that was good.

    Thanks for sharing. Just wanted to let you know that the registers are not all ringing up BOGO!

  • Heidi

    I purchased both the PURE BLENDS foundation and the PURE BLENDS mascara. The register only printed the $5 RR- the cashier and manager said I would have had to do the transaction seperatlely to get both the $5 and the $10 RR. Is this correct?

    • Heidi,

      I have info on my FAQ page of what to do when your RR doesnt print.


  • Nanell

    A better deal on the Almay Make-up
    Transaction 1: buy the eye shadow $7.49 (at my store), one ALmay one coat mascara (free). Used the $4 off coupon. paid $3.49 OOP and got $5 RR.

    Transaction 2:
    Bought 1 foundation $9.99, one one coat mascara (still rang up free at 9:54pm monday in eugene, OR) used the $4 off coupon and the $5 RR from transaction 2. Paid $0.99 OOP and got a $10 RR.

    I did this deal 4 times paid $17.92 OOP and left with $40 in RR. Have 4 foundations, 4 eye shadows, 8 mascara.

  • Jennifer

    Great idea Nanell. This is a good scenario if you want to test your Walgreens to see if the makeup is ringing up 50% off or free for the second one. It will be a moneymaker either way.

  • Alisha

    Tried it at 9am CDT Tuesday morning and it’s still BOGO. 🙂

  • Merritt

    Last night I checked out the Almay and the foundation was marked at $15.99. I was afraid to try it. I guess I should have done a price check on it at least. Are the red rewards tags supposed to be showing? I saw nothing to indicate this deal.

  • Marabel

    I just came back from 3 different Wags –
    all 3 were ringing up buy 1 get 1 free – rolled my
    $9 from Zantac into this and came out with $15 for each transaction! Did 1 transaction this morning at 9 am and the other 2 after lunch on my way home. BTW i live in Houston.

  • Stacie

    I here’s what worked for me:
    2 Almay one coat mascara’s (6.99)(BOGO)
    1 Twix candybar
    – 4.00off coupon
    sweet deal because you don’t have to deal with RR or printable coupons…you just get the $4.00 off coupon from the booklet (you can get something else that you need instead of the Twix candybar…but i didn’t really need anything)

  • Lisa Fischer

    In MN this morning I bought 2 mascara’s (maybe I bought the wrong ones?) but it was 6.99 & 3.49 & then it took $8 off for the coupon. So I ended up paying 2.50 for two. grrrr I don’t pay for make up! I didn’t try the RR deals because it’s not posted anywhere so if it didn’t work how can you ask about it??

  • Megan J

    I bought the Pure Blends foundation (9.99) and Pure Blends mascara (6.99) today in Indianapolis. They rang up B1G1 free and I received $15 in RR back – what a deal!! Can’t wait to try this again on my commute tomorrow. Thanks for posting!

  • Liz

    I have a question for everyone…I was in line at Walgreens at the cosmetics counter and the lady in front of me had like 26 Almay mascaras. I was appalled…I mean come on – what are you really going to do with 26 mascaras and please leave some from the rest of us. When is it a “great deal” and when are you being down right greedy?

  • Sunflowerfla

    Thanks for all the wonderful deals. I tried this too but must have bought the wrong Almay product. The good news is it rang up BOGO at 3 pm in FL but no RR. As others have asked, if the store doesn’t display the RR deals, especially if they are monthly deals, where can you go to “confirm” that these deals exist.

    FYI- I found about a dozen packages of Olay Regenerist and Olay Definity in the clearance for $5.49 and $7.49. Per the cashier, they were discontinuing these products. Who knows- I still got a great deal!!

    • You can call the Catalina company to get the infor on this RR deal. The information is on my FAQ page (link at top of page).


  • Sunflowerfla

    Thanks. I read the FAQs but how do you know of the monthly RR deals if they are not posted in the store. Is there a place to go (besides your website, of course) that will list those deals? I have made purchases and got no RRs. I try to explain that I “read on the web” and the cashiers ask for the print ad, which I don’t have. Is there any other way than saving all your weekly circulars?

    • Hi Sunflower,

      Unfortunately there isn’t a place or website from Walgreens where you could see all the RR deals. If your store were on top of things all of these deals would be tagged at your own store. I guess my store is awesome because all of the monthly deals are properly tagged at my store.
      Sorry, walgreens and some of their stores don’t make it all that easy.


  • Laurie

    Just wanted to share that I’ve done this deal successfully 4 times now at 2 different stores, no probs and tonight I went to a 3rd location and it did NOT ring up BOGO free, it was BOGO 50% off. It was absolutely the EXACT same products I’d purchased at the other locations, so I’m now 100% convinced it’s varying by store. So for those of you that didn’t get it to work, try another Walgreens location.

  • Rose

    At my Walgreens in MS, I didn’t get so lucky. The Almay was Buy One, Get One 50% off AND the RR did NOT print for the mascara. I still got a good deal,though.
    $9.99 for foundation
    $6.99 for mascara
    -$3.50 for BOGO50% off
    -$4.00 for Walgreens Almay coupon
    Paid $9.48 oop (plus tax)
    Earned $10 RR for foundation

  • Megan J

    Liz, I can’t believe your Walgreens stocked 26 Almay mascaras! I rarely see more than 5 of any one type of makeup item in stock at a time. That said, I completely agree with you – 26 is outrageously greedy! I wouldn’t be surprised if 26 new ebay listings for Almay mascara went up last night… Thanks for the reminder to only take what we will use!

  • Liz


    Thanks for agreeing with me! I love getting something for free but I just wanted to see what someone else said about “buying” so many. And I went to a Walgreens that I normally don’t go to and they had those blue buckets in the isles full of almay products. I guess they were stocking the shelves. Crazy!

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  • Kate

    I did the deal twice this week and it seems to be working in CT. . . the mascara is a great little stocking stuffer too!!

  • Governorgirl

    I definately appears to be store specific. I went to two different stores and at one it was bogo 50 and one it was bogo free. Either way its still a good deal, but finding the bogo free is worth the trip to the second store if you have one! Does anyone know if only the masacara is ringing up on the bogo free or if its the lower of any two Almay items?

  • Susan Jay

    At our Walgreens today, the manager wouldn’t let me use the $4 coupon on both Almay mascaras. He said I could only use it on the one that I bought, not the one I got for free. He said that they had caught this “problem” and had fixed it in their computer system, whatever that means. Anyway, I got the 2 for $2.99 but not RRs. Not too bad, anyway!

  • Hey hunnie, sweet site! I genuinely like this article.. I was wondering about this for a long time now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?

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