Walgreens: Free Character Band Aids


If you remember last week there was a Register rewards deal including Band Aid Products: buy two and get a $4 register reward.  This is actually a monthly deal.  This means you can still get the $4 register reward when you buy two Band Aid Products from now through 8/29.  It turns out the character Band Aids are also included in this deal.  They are not on sale this week but there’s a coupon in the Walgreens Coloring book for $2 off one.  This is how you can get them for better than free after coupons and register reward:

$7.58 when you buy two boxes of Character Band Aids (Dora, Barbie or Sponge Bob)
-$2 when you use two $1/1 manufacturer coupons from 8/2 or 6/28 RP inserts (some areas only got $0.50/1)
-$4 when you use the $2/1 coupon in the Coloring Book (coupon discount gets applied to both items)
=$1.78 plus tax out of pocket and get a $4 Register Reward back.

If you have been getting the free Easy Mac cups this is a good way to use up those $1 register rewards you have been getting.  If you have little ones you know you need Band Aids and the best part is that Band Aids can be stockpiled easily.  Thank you Brandi for confirming this deal for us!

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  • That must be why someone ripped those coupons out of the coloring books at Walgreens near me.

  • Shawn M.

    Helene, that’s terrible! I hate it when people do things like that. If you want the coupons, buy the coloring book. For heaven’s sake, it’s only .99!

  • This is such an awesome deal! I’ve been snagging them since they came out with the coloring book. 3 kids. Lots of boo-boos.

    I’ve had to have my stores order a set number of boxes because none of them stock more than two boxes, ever. Just so ya know in case your store is the same way!

    Oh, and I don’t know why someone would be ripping out the coupons. The manager at my store confirmed that they don’t need the coupons because of the way they show up on their books. They don’t need the coloring book coupons for the back-2-school ones.

  • Tracy Z

    my store didn’t let me use the coupon from the activity book on both items. I tried to tell him that it was a walgreens coupon and they should be applied to all the like items but he wouldn;t let me do that. is there something that I can do to convince them if it happens again?
    It is very frustrating.

  • This is awesome! I swear my kids go through a box of Band Aids a day! Thanks Mercedes for another great find!

  • Shannon

    I didn’t see anything posted about this at my Walgreens and it’s not in the ad this week. Is there anything we can do to make sure this will work before checking out?

    • Hi Shannon,

      No, since this is unadvertised there’s nothing you can do before BUT you can always return if you don’t get the RR.


  • Shelly

    I’m in east Texas, and my RR didn’t print. Bummer to have wasted my Activity Book coupon! And Tracy, the Activity Book coupon will automatically be applied to both items by the cash register – the clerk has nothing to do with it. It was for $2, and if you buy two items, it will automatically show a $4 discount.

  • Shannon

    Thanks, Mercedes. I tried it today and it worked – yay! I figured it was still a good deal even if they didn’t print. It seems so silly that they would be running a promo and wouldn’t put any info out on it. Crazy!

  • this is again an awesome deal! and i love it!

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