Updated Walgreens: John Frieda Root Awakening $0.49 each!

john frieda root

Update:  Some of you are actually getting a $5 off two printable.  Lucky you!

Wow!  I just found you a super deal to all of you John Frieda Hair Care lovers.  Remember how yesterday I shared about this coupon handout that can be found at Walgreens?  The coupons are good through 12/24 and can be found in stores.  One of the coupons in this hand out is for $3 off John Frieda Root Awakening.  Use that coupon plus  a new coupon that just popped up on Smartsource to get the product for only 49 cents each!

John Frieda Root Awakening Hair product $11.98
-$5/2John Frieda printable coupon
-$3/1 Walgreens coupon from this hand out (will deduct $6)
Pay $0.99 for two after coupons!

This would be a great way to get to $25 to get the $5 Holiday register reward.  Happy Savings!

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  • Nikki D

    I am assuming that the Walgreens flyer coupon will automatically deduct for the number of items you buy. So could you buy 5 for $29.95 use one Walgreens Q -$15.00 and 5 Man. Q’s -$10.00. Total= $4.95 and get a $5 RR back? Awesome deal!

  • It’s actually coming up as $5/2 for me. Not complaining at all, just letting you know! Thanks 🙂

    • AC

      Queen,I got $5/2 too.

  • Catherine

    It will be a money maker if we buy on Friday the 18th because there is a 15% OFF entire store at Walgreen on friday.

    • Isa Aviad

      Probably to late for you folks on the east coast — but if you become a fan of Walgreen’s of Facebook, you can print the 15% off coupon from their page that is good TODAY – Thursday!! So you can take advantage of the spend $25 get $5 in RR that expires today on the west coast (Thur.)

  • linda

    they actaully have both coupons

  • LIndsay Smith

    All of the Root Awakening products are $6.99 at our Walgreens in Kansas. I’m not sure if that’s a regional difference or typo… still a great deal!

  • Angela G

    $6.99 here in TX too.

  • KMS

    $6.99 in Indiana too Still a great deal I just got a bunch!

  • Lisa

    $6.99 in Illinois… the hand-out says styling products… are you getting it to work with the shampoo?? I did the deal tonight but just bought detangler because I didn’t think the hand-out coupon would work on shampoo.

  • Trisha

    $6.99 here in Tennessee as well, with coupons made them each $1.49. Great price though on hair products. Can’t complain

  • Deanna

    Just bought this today and it’s $5.99 in Oklahoma! Woot woot! I was only able to print 1 of the $2 Q’s before it switched i guess! lol So i can buy 5 for $29.95-$12MQ and $15.00WQ for $2.95 oop and get back a $5 Holiday rr!

    • tracy

      hi deanna, thanks for the okie update! i’m here in tulsa and headed to walgreens tonight! the woot woot made me smile it’s our sons band call at memorial hs. tracy

  • Jennifer P

    I did the deal tonight at Wags, I had the $5/2 and they were $6.99 at my store…I bought 2 shampoo and 2 cond, no prob with the Wags store coupon at all. I actually wanted to try the hair spray, but they did not have that one….still 75cents each after MQ, Wags Coup and RR!!

  • pennyscents

    Where did you get the Wags coupons at? I was at Wags today, and did not see any hand outs.

  • pennyscents

    Can these ivc’s just be printed out & used?

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  • Jana

    Where are you finding the $5.oo Q? I only see a $2.oo in Smartsource.

    • Nicole

      Type in zip code 10001

  • Sarah W

    $5/2 was there for me 76012. 🙂

  • Jane

    I just followed to link to smartsource, tried several zipcodes including 10001 and none of them have a Frieda coupon.

    • Jane,
      Try searching by Brand. I just saw them there.


  • Kerry

    Where are the Walgreens coupons for this? Will the link to your coupon be sufficient?


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  • Mary Ann

    $6.99 in B’ham, AL

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  • lisette

    hi Mercedes i thought i share with you this awesome deal i came out with.You noticed there are 2 printable coupons for John Frieda when you buy 2 its $5 and when you buy 1 its $2.00.
    Well this is how it goes and it works today only!

    5 john Frieda 29.95(5.99 each)or 34.95 (6.99 each)
    -15% off 25.46(5.99 each) or 29.71(6.99 each)
    – 12.00 printable coupon smartsource (2($5 on 2)+ 1 ($2 on 1))
    – 15.00 walgreens coupon ($3.00 X 5)
    If your price is 5.99 you will need a filler for $1.55 since it gives you overage) So you get them free! plus a $5.00 RR

    If you price is 6.99 you pay $2.71 but you get a $5 RR so still a profit of $2.29

    I think today is the day to stock up on this!Hope this help anyone

  • weslie

    6.99 in McDonough,GA too.

  • Becca

    Awesome, I’m so going to stop at Walgreens on my way home tonight!

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  • Paula

    I went to three different Walgreens today all in the same city (Venice, FL) and they were $5.99 at two of them and $6.99 at the other.

  • Rubi

    My coupon says save 5 on two, when you buy two….. so how do i do it….. sorry i am very slow

    i have 2 Qs save 5 wyb 2
    2 Qs save 2 on 1

    very confused!!

  • Carmila

    I have a question…. I got a coupon after buying 4 John Frieda shampoos from the register for $3 off of 2. Can I combine it with the in store coupon of $3 off, AND the manufacturers coupon of $5 of 2? I am new to coupon using, so any help is greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Hi Carmilla,
      Actually the $3 off two that printed at the register is a manufacturer coupon (it should say so at the top of the coupon itself). it just has the Walgreens logo on it. Since you are using the $5 off two printable coupon which is also a manufacturer coupon you can not use both at the same time. So use the printable since it will give you a better deal.
      hope that helps,


      • Carmila

        My store actually let me use (2) of the $5 off 2, and (1) of the register coupon things that printed off for $3 off 2, and their in store for $3 off each and ended up paying $6.xx total for 4 conditioners, 3 Progresso soups, tweezers, and 5 RR back.

        If they aren’t supposed to let me use it then I won’t try it next time. I got back from the store just now so I didn’t get to read your comment and see it wasn’t allowed… >.< Now I know better 🙂

        I have saved a lot just from the past couple days of using the site, thank you!

        • honorme

          Hey Carmilla,

          The reason why they “let” you use those many MQ is because the $5/2 is only attaching to one product. It is a 00 at the end, which usually beeps (i.e. checker intervention) for the cashier to enter the price of the MQ.

          If they read the MQ they would have seen that it was off of 2. Therefore, 4 conditioners only means 2 X $5/2 MQ are allowed to be used. Only one manufacture coupon per product should be used.

          Welcome to the coupon world! Hope this may help you a little to understand the system.


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  • Ann

    I was able tog get 6 bottles for free! I ended up getting the $5 off $25 purchase so they were all free. Thanks so much for the heads up!

  • Michelle

    Carmila – you can use 1 walgreens coupon and 1 manufacturer coupon, and the one you get printed ($3 off 2) is a wag so you can’t use it with the one from the wag handout…

    I end up paying $4.64 after tax ($2.71 before) … and got $5 RR…so only made $0.36 profit..not really what i had in plan but oh well….:)

  • Heather

    Thanks! I got x4 John Frieda Root Awakening Hair shampoos/conditioners and 2 progresso soups for 3.40 😀

  • Shelly

    I’m in east TX and my store had them for $6.49, but I called another and they had them for $5.99. Bummer – I should have gone there first!

  • Jani

    I just went to my walgreens…. the root awakening was 6.99 (I bought 5)- but when they scanned the coupons (IVC first) it took off $15 and then wouldn’t accept my manufacturer coupons- the manager said it was because the IVC IS a manufactuer coupon…. so my total ended up being $17…. any suggestions??

    • Heather

      The same thing happenned to me today! I was bummed but I paid anyway…I’m trying to decide whether to keep the 2 shampoos and 2 conditioners I got or just return them.

      • Delores

        You always hand the manufact.Q’s first. Some cashiers are quick to use the Walgreens one first, that makes your Q’s not work at the end. Have your cashier slow down, remember it’s your money!! I would call or go back to see if anything can be done. Hope that helps.

  • Kiran

    Same thing happened with me after scanning walgreens coupon it was not taking my manufacturers coupon but the cashier cancelled the walgreens one n scanned manuf first and luckily it worked. My suggestion hand over manuf coupon first n then walgreens coupon. I bought 5 at $6.99 each(in Portland) n after 15% +coupons I had to pay 2.70 n I got back $5

  • Alisha

    Did this transaction twice since I have two computers and was able to print 4 of each coupon. The price in NWArk was $6.49, and after 15% off, coupons and tax, my total was $3.15, and I received a $5 back for each one. Turned around and used all of my accumulating $5 off to buy packs of Huggies – each for less than $4 AFTER tax and RR! I am so thankful for Walgreens and their wonderful sales!!

  • Shirley

    I live in Bonita Springs Florida and I went to my local Wag today–they have no idea about the Brochure – “OVER $200 in Coupon Savings”. Does anyone know if this is regional??? Thanks

  • Cheri

    My store had them for 6.99 in WA, I didn’t see the Walgreens coupon handout at the store and wasn’t sure if I could print it up, but fortunately, I saw one coupon in front of the product. For some reason I only got the Wags coupon taken off the shampoo, not the conditioner, so I am out $3. I haven’t tried this product before so at least I got it at a great discount. Thanks!

  • kitchy

    Common Sense with Money, how many times you can print $5 coupon?

    • Hi Kitchy,

      I think the John Frieda print limit is two per computer.


  • mary

    remember you can only use one coupon per product so you need a filler item if you want to use both coupons on one shampoo/cond

  • S. Davis

    Also in NWA, mine rang up $5.09 with the 15% off today, – $5.50/each with the $5 off 2 & the $3 off 1 – money maker – thank you!!

    • Alisha

      Which store did you find them for $5.99? Way to go!

  • Juli

    Just tried to do this deal. I have been stacking coupons at CVS and Rite Aid with no problems. This was my first adventure at Walgreens. The cashier was really rude and wouldn’t push through my $2 off coupon for my 5th item. She said I had already saved a ton of money and took my total from $36 to $8. She wouldn’t let me add an item, redo transaction, do a separate transaction or anything. She just clammed up. I asked her to take the 5th item off then and left with 4 bottles, toothbrush and gumdrops. Not as good as I wanted but didn’t know what else to do. She was the assistant manager so I didn’t feel like I had anywhere else to go. Maybe I did the coupons in the wrong order??
    I also didn’t get a $5 reward. Does anyone know why? My beginning total was $36.

  • jen

    again, where are you ladies finding the $3/1 coupons? Went today and didn’t see them there.

  • Christen

    You can print the Wags coupons from the Walgreens site now. When you click on weekly ads, one of them is the $200 of savings coupon sheets that was in the stores.

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