Walmart NOT Taking Register Rewards

I wanted to let you know that Walmart has once again updated their coupon policy.  This time they have specifically addressed the issue of whether or not they take coupons that are discounts on your next order.  This is what the new policy states:

We DO NOT accept the following coupons:

  • Checkout coupons
    • Dollars/cents off the entire basket purchase
    • Percentage off the entire basket purchase

So, there you have it, no more wondering do they or don’t they.  On a good note, they are still letting you apply overage from coupons to the rest of your shopping order.

If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase.

You can view and print the Walmart Coupon Policy here.


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  • Bree

    OK, after a very lonnnnngggg conversation with corporate (1-800#), it makes more sense now. When WE think of catalina, we think of those wonderful coupons that say “Save $10 off your next order.” When THEY say catalina, they mean the coupons that print from the catalina machine that say such things as “Save $1 off Tropicana” or like the one I got at S&S yesterday, “Save $1 on my next purchase of 5 Dole Frozen Fruit.” It seems that Walmart’s idea of a “catalina coupon” is different than ours.

    The catalinas that say things like “Save $3 off your next order”, though say Manu. Coupon on them, are for dollars/cents/percentage off an order which Walmart DOES NOT take [found at the bottom of the Walmart Coupon policy print-out].

    So again here’s another example:

    You go to SR, pay for your purchases, and get 2 “catalinas” from the machine
    #1. Save $2 off your next purchase of Purex
    #2. Save $2 off your next order
    Going by what I was told from calling the 1800#, Walmart will take coupon #1 but NOT #2. Unfortunatly, Walmart considers Coupon #1 a “catalina.”

    I guess anything that prints from the catalina machine is a “catalina” but when I think of a cat., I think more along the lines of “Save $10 off your next order” not so much “Save $0.50 cents off Cottonelle Toilet Paper.” IDK maybe it’s just me lol …

  • Kim

    I just used a $2 register reward from Walgreens at my Walmart on Sunday. The cashier scanned it and it worked.

    I don’t care much for Walmart, but I was actually going to shop there if I could use my register rewards there. Guess, I won’t be doing that now.

  • pennyscents

    unbelievable!!! The RR’s scan & go through without a problem at the register, & everything. I have used them twice now. What does that tell you? That WM (corporate) programmed their registers to accept them. The 1st time I used one there wasn’t a problem at all. However, yesterday when I went to WM there was a lady in front of me that was using a Catalina MC for $2.50 off a product that she was buying. The Catalina MC did have another store’s name on it, so I heard the cashier hand it back to her, & say that they no longer accept competitor store coupons for cents off products. I kindly & very professionally asked her, if I could see her coupon. I then very nicely let the cashier know that what she had was a manufacturer coupon that was printed from the Catalina machine at another store. He said that he had gotten yelled at earlier that day for accepting one, but that he could call someone over. He called the manager over, who immediately walked up with an attitude. There’s a five letter word to describe ppl like her, but I still kept my composure, & explained the same thing to her as I had to the cashier. She told the cashier to just key it in as a store coupon & throw it away. I politely stopped her & let her know that she did not want to throw that away, that WM does get reimbursed for it. She again very snottily replied, “that’s just what they have to do.” You want to throw money away fine! You’re an idiot & shouldn’t have a job! She just lost the company money! Anyway, the cashier & the lady in front of me thanked me profusely! Not only for helping, but also for helping them to know things that they did not know (their words). When I was checking out I had a $10.00 RR. The cashier says, “now what do I do with this? Should I just key it in?” I told him to just scan it; as that is what I have seen done before. He did & guess what, it took off the $10.00 without any problems. I told him that the next time he is given a Catalina from another store to just try scanning it, & that I believe that his manager should have had him do that with the previous one in the 1st place.

    Now, I also work with Wags management in my area. I let them know that WM is now doing this & that it is going to be very important for Wags to keep things in stock. Most ppl do not want to take their RR’s someone else, because they want to be able to continue to roll them, to get more product for very lil oop. Anyway, his response was that yes, Wags has heard of other stores accepting them, because they are MC’s, & the other store do get reimbursed. He said that Wags has thrown around the idea of accepting Catalina’s from other stores, as well. I’ll believe that when I see it. I think that would be a huge battle for Wags. I do believe that they have talked about it, but I think that is as far as that will ever go. My point is that even Wags knows this & knows that, yes indeed, they are MC’s & the stores are reimbursed!!!

    I boycotted WM because of this crap! I really thought that they were making positive changes when they came out with this new policy. I even praised & gave credit to them saying that maybe they were finally trying to be more customer courteous & coupon friendly. Nope, SOS!!! The incompetent employees had too many complaints, because THEY DIDN’T KNOW what they were doing! So, let’s take it out on the customer!!! Let’s tell them now that we can only take certain Catalina’s, even though we will get reimbursed for them all, because it caused too much confusion!!! The confusion is on the stores end!!! Fix the problem where it should be fixed!!!

    Dear WM, me coming back to your store was a test to see how you would do with this. I was so happy, but guess what, you failed!!! Thankfully, you have a Target right next store (among many other stores) to you that is currently expanding itself into a Super Target. Good luck with your continued lack of customer service!!!

    • kris

      Ha Ha, I love this post! So much is true! They are not very coupon friendly and their cashiers(Not all, but most) don’t know what they are doing when it comes to coupons!

      • adrian

        LOL! I love this! I am so thankful that someone else has banned Walmart! Why they feel that they have some kind of higher status than me when they slip on that blue/red vest is beyond me! MY FOODLION and WALGREENS ROCK 🙂

  • Kay

    First, I want to say that I absolutely love my local Walgreen’s and will continue to do business there. But I will take advantage of the manufacturer’s coupons that print at the register if Walmart has a cheaper price as over the years I threw out too many of those as the item the coupon was for never went on sale at Walgreen’s. Secondly, I am lucky that I haven’t experienced many difficulties at my local Walmart. If a cashier questions one of my coupons, the shift managers usually agree with me. I carried the revised Walmart policy from 03/02/11 when I went shopping and one cashier I dealt with was not aware of it. I now printed the newly revised policy and will carry that with me. I have both the text and pdf printed as I believe the pdf download might be easier for someone to understand.

  • Manda

    I’m surprised that anybody is surprised by this. Walmart has only ever accepted coupons that apply to a specific item. I don’t do many OYNO offers, so a Catalina does mean a cents-off coupon to me.