4 Budget-Friendly Relaxation Tips for Moms

RelaxingA lot of people think that stay at home moms have a very easy life, but that’s one of the biggest misconceptions of all time. We don’t have an easy life and it’s a rarity if we ever had a moment of peace. We deal with kids that are arguing all day long, making messes, etc… Also, not only do we have to worry about taking care of our children and cleaning up after them, but we also have to worry about cleaning the house in general. It can be a royal pain, so you have to take advantage of every opportunity you get for a break. Below, I’m going to go over some budget-friendly things that we moms can do that will certainly put a smile on our faces.

#1. Enjoy Some Wine Tasting

Chances are you have a winery around you that offers wine tasting, so why not go and take advantage on a day when you have a break from the hectic life of a stay at home mom? Plus, wine can really take the edge off if you’ve had a long day. By going to a winery you will be able to develop your palate. You will be able to taste the wine, smell it and then drink It down. Wine tasting can be a great way to learn how to appreciate wine and you’ll enjoy the afternoon with a little R&R.

Want to make wine tasting a little more budget-friendly? If so, consider hosting your own little wine tasting part and invite some of your friends/family over. Ask them to bring a bottle of their favorite wine with them and you could supply the snack. Just remember, wine always goes great with cheese.

 #2. Take Some Time Off

Either hire a babysitter or ask your significant other to watch over the kids while you go out and enjoy some time on your own or with some friends/family that you haven’t had the opportunity to hang out with for a long time. If you don’t feel like going out, you could stay in and just take a nap, read a book, watch a movie or do whatever you like. Hey, we all need a little bit of time away from everything sometimes.

#3. Enjoy a Nice Bath

A bath can do amazing things for both your mood and your body. All of the hot water you’re soaking in will relax all of those tense muscles and it will clear up your nasal passages. I would also suggest maybe adding some calgon to the water, because it smells and feels excellent. Also, get some candles and line the bathtub with them. Light those candles, shut off the lights and enjoy a nice, hot, steamy bath.

#4. Ask For a Breakfast in Bed

It doesn’t matter whether your kids bring you a breakfast in bed or your husband decides to do it as a sort of romantic gesture, you should toss the hint out there and see who bites. A nice, breakfast in bed is great. It’s nice when you get to sit back and take your time to eat, rather than rushing around your home and trying to get the kids ready for school.

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