What Should I Do With Hard Boiled Eggs?

Hard Boiled Eggs

Easter is all about the hard boiled eggs. We usually hard boil at least a dozen—sometimes two dozen!—eggs every year. It always seems like a good idea at the time and we have a blast dying them, but by the time Monday rolls around, I’m left wondering what I should do with all of the hard boiled eggs!

Hard boiled eggs generally keep for up to a week in the refrigerator, as long as they’re left in their shells. If you’re worried that they won’t get eaten in time, here are a few ideas to use all of those hard boiled eggs…

Eat Them Plain

I actually love hard boiled eggs, so I don’t have a problem with eating them plain. A little sprinkle of salt is all they need. The perfect snack!

Egg Salad

There are tons of great recipes out there for egg salad. Me? I pretty much just eyeball it and hope for the best. Smash the yolks, chop the whites, add some mayo and a little horseradish and I have some yummy egg salad with a kick! Depending on my mood, I might also add some finely chopped onion and a little relish.

Egg Sandwiches

Egg salad sandwiches are great, but sometimes simple is best! You can make an egg sandwich by layering some thinly sliced hard boiled eggs on toast or bread. Add a little mayo and you have a quick and tasty sandwich.

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs aren’t just for summer get togethers! You can also whip up a batch when you have lots of hard boiled eggs to use up.


Chopped or sliced hard boiled eggs make a great addition to regular garden salads! They add color, protein, and texture.

Scotch Eggs

Holy smokes! I’ve never actually heard of Scotch eggs until tonight, but it’s something that I must try! To make Scotch eggs, you mold sausage around a hard boiled egg, dip it in an egg wash, roll it in bread crumbs, and deep fry it. Sounds tasty! If you’re not fond of the idea of deep frying sausage, you can also try a baked version.

If you still wont be able to use all of your hard boiled eggs before they go bad, you can also freeze the yolks. Just pull them out and use them for egg salad or garnishes. Don’t try freezing hard boiled egg yolks, though, since they will get rubbery and just plain nasty.

How do you use hard boiled eggs?