4 Things that You Should Always Buy Used

4 things to buy used

If you like to save money (and I know you do) then you probably know that some things are better purchased used.  Many items, like those listed below are better bought used simply because it is a waste of money to buy them new.

Books.  Books read the same way regardless if they are used or brand new.  Of course you need to find them in good shape (not missing any pages, etc), but you will be able to buy them for pennies on the dollar when they are used.  Hit up Goodwill or other thrift store or even yard sales!  You can often find high dollar books for just a couple bucks or less.  

Automobiles.  I know that some people love the thrill of a shiny new ride, but buying brand new makes no sense.  You have probably heard this a thousand times, but it is still true; brand new cars lose value as soon as they leave the lot.  Cars lose, on average, 11% of their value once you take the keys and drive off.  Say you bought a $20,000 car, that is a $2,200 loss.  Instead, buy a car that is used but has low mileage.  It will look and drive exactly the same, but you will have saved yourself thousands.

Fitness Equipment.  I’m sure you have plenty of friends (maybe yourself included) that have went hog wild for New Year’s Resolutions and purchased new exercise equipment only to abandon it after only weeks.   This happens a lot, so you may as well take advantage of it. This is the time for you to buy!  You can save hundreds if not thousands (depending on the equipment) by purchasing it used on Craigslist or FB sales groups).

High Quality Clothes.  For all of you money savers out there, I highly recommend buying used clothing.  That being said, the clothing you buy should always be high quality (There is no reason to spend any money on low quality clothes that will fall apart quickly).  If you like high quality clothes and designer jeans though, it is very smart to shop used.  You will save a significant amount of money doing so.