5 Handy New Ways to Use Your Straightening Iron

Do you have an extra hair straightening iron laying around? As long as it still heats up, you don’t have to toss it in the trash or send it to the thrift store!

Put it to good use with these five new ways to use your straightening iron…

#1. Iron Hems and Collars

A straightening iron works wonders to flatten wrinkled collars and hems. And you can even wear the garment as you iron it, so it can save you lots of time in those rushed mornings too! Just preheat the straightening iron and press the wrinkled fabric between the hot plates. It works just as well as a regular clothes iron, but with half the fuss.

#2. Keep Your Sewing Machine in the Closet

Hate dragging your sewing machine out for every little sewing project? Keep it in the closet and reach for some hem tape and your straightening iron. Place a length of hem tape between the pieces of fabric you need to sew and squeeze with the straightening iron. The heat will melt the hem tape and bind the pieces of fabric together. This works great for hems and patches.

#3. Curl or Crimp Your Hair

The most obvious use for a hair straightener is to, well, straighten your hair. But, did you know that you can create cute curs ,waves, or crimps with a straightening iron too? To create waves, place a section of hair in the straightening iron, twist the iron a full turn, and pull it through your hair. You can also create curs by clamping sections of wound hair with the straightening iron; pin them to your head until they are cool and spritz them with hair spray for extra hold. Crimp your hair by running the straightening iron over small braids.

#4. Reseal Chip Bags

If your chis always go stale, reseal the bags with a straightening iron. Place the edges of the chip bag together and fold a piece of aluminum foil over the edges to protect the straightening iron plates. Squeeze the aluminum foil with the straightening iron. The heat will melt and reseal the edges of the bag and the chips will stay fresher longer!

#5. Make DIY Condiment or Drink Packets

One of the most ingenious ways to use your straightening iron is to make some DIY condiment or drink mix packets! Clean and dry a plastic freeze pop wrapper and cut it into small sections. Cover the edges of one end of a section with aluminum foil and squeeze it with the straightening iron to seal it. Fill the section with just about anything you want—mustard, ketchup, mayo, salad dressing, drink mix, or creamer to name a few. Cover the open edges with aluminum foil and use the straightening iron to seal the packet. You can also fill your DIY packets with shampoo, conditioner, lotion, or soap for DIY travel toiletries. The little single serve packets are great for lunchboxes, diaper bags, suitcases, or camping trips!

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