5 Quick Tips for Saving a Good Bit of Money

Piggy Bank Savings Female Half FilledOne of the things you have to do when you’re a frugal person is that you have to always look for ways to save money and how to make money, as well. As we all know, every extra penny can help out majorly if it comes down to it. It can be hard to get into the habit of saving every little penny, but you can easily make it a habit and it will definitely increase the quality of your life. Below, I’m going to list out some simple tips that will help you be able to save a decent bit of cash.

#1. Round Things Up

Whenever I go out and do some shopping I always round up whatever my total bill is. For instance, if my total is $80.32 I write the check and hand it to the cashier for the amount, but I write down that I spent $81.00 in the checkbook. Every single month I’m happy to see when I have an extra $5 – $10 in my checking account, because I would round things up. This may be simple, but it’s a little trick that will help you save.

#2. Take a Little Off the Top

If you have direct deposit, you’ll be able to do this easier, but you can do this when you go to cash your pay checks, as well. When you go to cash your check, instruct the teller at the bank to put $25 – $50 of your check into your savings account. That way, you’ve just saved yourself the money and you can use the rest of your pay check for whatever.

#3. Save Extra Money

Did you get some money for your birthday or a holiday? How about your tax return? This is extra money that you don’t consider to be part of your budget, so put it in the bank and save it. Just consider it bonus money that was given to you.

 #4. Keep Money Out of Sight

Have you ever heard about those people that have buried money or stashed it somewhere and then they completely forgot that they had the secret stash to begin with? This is because those people were keeping all of their extra money hidden from themselves, so they never sat there and fantasized about all the things they could purchase with their savings. Keep it out of sight and out of mind. However, don’t forget about your secret stash, either!

#5. Get Rid of Old Hobbies

Do you have some old hobbies that you still waste money on, but you’re really not into them now? My husband used to collect baseball cards all the time, but he really lost a passion for it. Even though he lost his passion, he would still buy baseball cards every pay check out of habit. Eventually, we had a discussion about it and he stopped and sold all of his baseball cards. Unfortunately, he didn’t get anything near what he paid for them originally, but at least that little bit of extra money each pay check can go into savings.