Angel Soft Toilet Paper as Low as $.40

Here’s a decent deal on Amazon right now. Packages of 48 rolls of Angel Soft toilet paper are priced at $21.29, and there’s a $1.00 off coupon if you scroll down a little. If you sign up for for Amazon’s Subscribe & Save, you’ll save an extra 5% off your order and get free shipping. In the end, you’ll pay about $19.23 for 48 rolls of toilet paper, or $.40 per roll.

If you don’t sign up for Subscribe & Save, you’ll still only pay $20.29 for 48 rolls, or $.42 per roll, which isn’t a bad deal. You can also combine your TP order with a pretty good Sparkle paper towel deal going on right now to get free shipping. A 24-count order of pick-a-size Sparkle paper towels is only $23.91, but it also has a $1.00 off coupon below it. That equals out to about $.95 per roll.

Your final price for both items – without Subscribe & Save – would be $43.20 shipped. And I don’t see you needing to buy toilet paper or paper towels any time soon!