*Sold Out Again* $10 McDonald’s Gift Card for $4.50

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 8.06.39 AM


If you missed this one yesterday, it seems it is available again.  Head to Living Social where you can buy a $10 McDonald’s gift card for only $4.50.  The gift card is on sale for $5 but try the coupon code ELLEN to knock off 10%.  Limited quantities available.

Limit 1 per purchaser • Valid only at participating McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S. • Card does not expire and no fees will be charged • May not be redeemed for cash unless required by Law • Arch Card will be mailed to Purchaser United States Postal Service certified mail • Purchaser will be required to provide mailing address at checkout for fulfilment purposes • Redeemable at any participating McDonald’s location in the United States • All sales are final • Arch Card standard terms and conditions can be found at www.mcdonalds.com/us/en/services/arch_card.html • To check card balance, visit mcdonalds.com or call 1-877-458-2200 • Cards may not be resold by any unlicensed vendor under penalty of law