Cheap Outside Home Security Tips and Tricks!

Cheap Outdoor Home Security Tips

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Protecting your home and its residents is probably high on your priority list. High end security systems and alarms are probably outside your budget, however.

No worries, though! There are lots of steps you can take and tricks you can use to improve your home security on a budget. Many of these tips and tricks don’t even require a single dime out of pocket either — just a few simple changes.

Start from the outside in, and improve your home security, even if you’re on a strict budget!

Illuminate the Exterior

Exterior lighting is a great deterrent for thieves. It makes them more visible and gives them fewer places to hide. Motion activated exterior lighting is particularly effective.

The same is true for interior lighting. If you’ll be away from your home when it’s dark, consider leaving a few lights of the television on. You can also use a simple and inexpensive timer to turn lights on and off when you won’t be home.

Keep Your Bushes Trimmed

The bushes and trees outside of your home make great hiding places for crooks. Keeping your bushes trimmed and neat can make it harder for people to stay concealed. Not only will they be more noticeable, but they ‘ll also likely be deterred from trying any funny business in the first place.

Pick Up Mail and Packages

If you’re heading out on vacation, you probably arrange to have your mail stopped or pickup up by neighbors. Make sure you keep your steps and mailboxes clear when you’re home too. An overstuffed mailbox and packages on the steps might make burglars think no one is home.

Don’t Leave Anything to Climb

Leaving a ladder next to your house is just an invite to burglars to come a’ callin’. The same is true for untrimmed tree limbs and trellises. Take a good look at your house from the outside and take care of anything that a person could possibly climb.

Stop Hiding Keys Outside

A little word of advice — that “discreet and realistic looking” hide-a-key rock isn’t all that discreet or realistic looking. Criminals also know to look in all of the usual spots for spare keys, including under the welcome mat, under a flower pot, and above the door. If you must have a spare key, leave it with a neighbor you trust or hide it in the doghouse.

Get a Dog

Speaking off hiding a key in a doghouse, if you’re really serious about home security, it might be time to look into getting a dog. Studies have shown that crooks are much less likely to make a visit to homes with dogs, especially dogs that bark.

Park in the Driveway

A big empty garage may seem a bit pointless, but parking outside in the driveway is another great way to deter crooks. It lets them know that someone is at home, which lessens the odds of a break-in or robbery. Be sure to lock your car, though, to prevent auto theft.

Do you have any other outside home security tips?