Feeling burnt out, or when meal planning doesn’t matter

Even though I had planned my meals for the whole week, I just didn’t feel like cooking last night. So, we ended up “being on our own” and just eating from the freezer. But then the same thing happened today. Even though this time I was very willing to cook dinner, I just didn’t feel like that’s what I wanted to eat. So, we ended up going for Mexican and can I just say “Thank God!” We figured it’d been at least 3 weeks since we last ate out. Well, that time we actually ordered take out. A toddler will make you not want to eat out that often I guess. But I just needed a change in the menu, you know? something different, something I can’t make. Which is why I didn’t want to order pizza.
So, here we are, $28-less later I still don’t consider it a frugal flop. Sometimes you need to indulge yourself in order to keep plugging along.