Where to Find Cheap Books

cheap booksI am a book hoarder. There. I admitted it.

My home is full of books – cookbooks, home improvement books, automotive books, health books, children’s books, fiction, non-fiction. You name it, and I probably have a book about it. I don’t have all of these books because I’m rich and spend y money willy nilly on books. I just have a knack for finding cheap and free books.

Over the years, I’ve found that there are quite a few places to find cheap books. Here are some of my favorites.

The Library

Everyone knows that the library is a great place to find free books, but you have to return them. What you may not realize, though, is that most libraries also sell books. These are usually the used books that they either have too many of or have worn out their usefulness. However, there’s often a great selection, and they’re really cheap books too! By buying cheap books from your library, you’ll also be helping to keep it open, since the money from these sales typically goes to cover the operating costs of these facilities.

Thrift Stores

I frequently hit up my local thrift stores for cheap books. The selection of books is excellent, and I’ve even found several like-new text books, which can be sold for more than I paid for them at websites like Book Scouter. To make the already cheap books even cheaper, my local thrift store also has BOGO free book sales every few weeks. You can always ask an employee at your local thrift store if they do the same.

Bargain Bins

Most stores have clearance racks and bargain bins. Check your local book stores and other stores for bargain bins or shelves full of books. Some of my favorite bargain bins for finding cheap books are in Big Lots and Barnes and Noble.

Book Swaps

A book swap or book exchange club is a great way to get new books to read every so often. You can organize a book swap club with neighbors, family members, and friends. Meet once each month and trade books. If you can’t find anyone to swap books with in your area, there are also online book swap clubs that require you to mail books to others. In return, you’ll receive books in the mail.


Every so often, I’ll find someone in my area giving away books for free on Freecycle. All these cheap books cost me usually is a little bit of gas money and time to pick up.

Garage Sales

Cheap furniture, knick-knacks, and clothes aren’t the only things that you can find and garage and yard sales. I usually find cheap books as well. You can also sometimes find sellers who are willing to sell you a whole shelf of books for as little as a buck or two. All you need to do is ask.


Amazon is a great place to find cheap books. You can sometimes find books on sale for over half off, including new books and bestsellers.

Now it’s your turn. Where’s your favorite place to find cheap books?