Four Pack of Shell Fuel Reward Cards Only $52! Save $1/gallon up to 20 Gallons! ($80 Value)


Gas prices may not be as sky high as they were not so very long ago, but filling up the car still isn’t cheap! Finding ways to save at the pump is probably on most of our minds. If you have a Shell station near you, this next Groupon deal might be a deal you’ll want to check out!

Get a four-pack of Shell Fuel Reward Cards for only $52 right now! These are each valid of $1 off per gallon with a 20 gallon maximum. You can only use these once, so it’s best to save them for a fill up. The value of these is estimated at $80, assuming you’ll use each card to fill up at least 20 gallons. That’s a 35% savings on gas!