Fun Summer Games to Play with the Family

It’s summer time which means you will probably be getting together with family and friends. Why not have some fun games planned to make the time a little more enjoyable. Here are a few games that you could play with all ages, some even include water balloons!

Musical Chairs
Get back to the basics with musical chairs. You could make a fun playlist with some of your families favorite tunes. Grab some lawn chairs and get some energy out as well.

Obstacle Course
Make a homemade obstacle course around your yard. We love doing this! You can include your playset, cones, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, baseball bats and balls. Be creative and have the kids plan a fun one.

Water Balloon Piñata
Hang water filled balloons from a tree limb or other high, sturdy structure. We like to use regular balloons for this, since they don’t break as easily as regular water balloons. It just prolongs the fun a bit. Then, treat them just as you would a regular piñata. Give the kids a stick or broom handle and let them bash away at the balloons! Make sure only one child swings at the balloons at a time and all other people stand at a safe distant so they don’t get whacked!

Water Balloon Target
Combine two summer favorites for one of the simplest water balloon games there is water balloon target practice. For this game, you’ll need some sidewalk chalk and a large paved area. Draw a large target on the paved area, with each ring worth a different number of points, and have the kids take turns tossing the water balloons at the target. This is a great game for smaller kids, because it helps them work on hand eye coordination and math.

Capture the Flag
This is one of my favorites from when I was young! This is such a fun strategy game to play. After dividing into two teams, you each hide a flag on your side of the yard- it’s best if you have a big area to play in. Then one team tries to steal the other’s flag from their home base before returning back to theirs.