Getting Used to the Free Stuff

My husband and I were at Walgreens yesterday getting some Charmin toilet paper. We are quite picky about our TP and just any TP won’t do. It’s either this brand or Northern Quilted. I ordered some coupons to make the deal a little sweeter so I was buying quite a few to stock up.

We pick up 5 packs and go to the register to check out and the total came to a little over $11 (Thanks IL 8.75 tax sale!). My husband says “That’s not free!,” to which I replied “I said it was CHEAP toilet paper not FREE” and started laughing.

Isn’t it funny how our attitudes change when we start watching how much we spend on things? I know in the past we wouldn’t have blinked twice before putting a big pack of Charmin TP from Sam’s in our cart.