Do You Want to Harvest All the Benefits from Being a CCNA Certified Specialist? Pass Cisco 200-301 Exam Using Practice Tests and Grow a Career You Want

Nowadays, the IT industry and everything connected with itarerapidly changing, whether it is some technology or the users’ skills. In the context of the rapid development of things, many companiesare looking for the professionals who know a thing or two about security, automation, and programmability. That is why the experienced network administrators or aspiring network engineerswant to upgrade their knowledgewith the new CCNA certificationoffered by Cisco.

Cisco 200-301 CCNA Exam Dumps dominates the field of IT networking. Its technology, frameworks, switches, and routers are used around the world by different companies. Getting acredential from this networking giant is an excellent opportunity that the individuals must grab immediately. The Cisco certification program adds significant value to the specialists from all over the world because it is globally recognized. The starters and settled IT professionals have been achieving greater heights in their careers with its help for many years. And now all the potential candidates have even more reasons to opt for a badge from this vendor.

Prior to the great changes that Cisco made in February 2020, there was a whole list of the associate-level certificates that you might earn after successfully passing several exams. There was even the CCDA credential that was verificationofone’s skills in designing routed and switched network infrastructures as well as services using WAN/LAN technologies for the basic enterprise campus and branch networks or SMB. Now all the certification tracks are merged into new CCNA, and there are only three badges in total in this pathway: DevNet Associate, Cisco 200-301 CCNA Practice Test Questions , and CyberOps Associate. The two first certificatesgive you the opportunity to go further to the Professional level.

What else has changed? What are you supposed to do now? And what does new CCNA require? Let’s cover all the details that you need to know if you want to become a CCNA certified specialist.

Prerequisites and features of CiscoCCNA certification

The new CCNA certificate covers a broad range of fundamentals that are necessary for the latest technologies and job positions. All in all, it is possible to say that it includes all the previous CCNA domains that are now revised and improved in this version. The areas that you may come across in this credential contain the following:

  • Wireless;
  • Security;
  • Data Center;
  • Routing & Switching;
  • Cloud;
  • Service Provider;
  • Industrial.

Now you need to take only one exam (200-301 CCNA), which covers a breadth of topics, such as IP services, network access, automation and programmability, IP connectivity,security fundamentals, and network fundamentals. All these sections should be mastered by the applicants if they want to get their associate-level certificate. This is the main and only requirement for this new badge. However, if you have some basic knowledge of IP addressing, an elementary perception of the basicsof network technology, or an understanding of how to implement and administer Cisco solutions, you will have a huge boost during your preparation phase and testing time.

Details of Cisco 200-301 CCNA exam

As for the very exam, it is essential to know its structure and peculiar features. Therefore, please note that this is a 120-minute test that you can take in Japanese or English. The exact number of questions or their typesis not mentioned by Cisco, but if to believe those individuals who have already passed this certification exam, there will be about 102 questions of a multiple-choice format.

To apply for Cisco 200-301, you need to have an account on the Pearson VUE website. If you have one, just follow the link offered by Cisco on the exam page and click on the “Sign in” button. Log into the system and search for the test by typing its code without any additional words. The platform will provide you with a search result and you only need to click on it and follow all the instructions that will pop up after that. Don’t forget that you will have to pay the exam fee during this process. The price is $300 for those applicants from the USA. If you are not a resident of this country, you may be charged with another sum that may be more or less than the above.

Study tips for Cisco 200-301 CCNA exam

Before you take this certification test and even schedule the date, you need to have a thorough preparation process. To do this, Cisco recommends that you take its official training course – Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA) v1.0. We also advise that you check the ExamSnap platform where you can find relevant study materials, which include study guides, video courses, practice tests, and even an exam simulator. There are both free and paid resources that you can use, which is very convenient, as they cover the needs of the students with different learning styles.

But what else do you need to do during your preparation phase? Let’s take a look!

  • Plan and execute a study plan

Divide your time for study and your free time carefully. If you have a lot of spare time for preparation and research, utilize it properly. If you are a professional with experience, then you need to have a timetable, carefully assigning free time for studies and practice sessions, plus for your work and sleep.

  • Use reliable prep tools

There are many study materials and support groups available online to equip the candidates for the Cisco 200-301 exam. Besides the options we covered above, you can find some video lectures on YouTube, purchase some books on Amazon, or go for some trainingcourses offered byExamSnap or similar platforms. There are really a lot of opportunities to take.

  • Get some hands-on experience

Prior experience in working with Cisco networking devices will give you a head start to crack the 200-301 CCNA exam. If you are focused on career development to land a decent job, then you need to put all your efforts and strengths to the task.


Becoming a CCNA certified specialist is a good start for the beginners and a solid verification of the skills of those who have some knowledge in the field. With this badge, you can be a network administrator, a system administrator, an ITmanager, as well asan ITdirector. This is a really good milestone for developing your career and harvesting all the benefits from it. So why not go for it?