Important Details about Microsoft AZ-900 Exam and Using Practice Test When Preparing


A majority of organizations use Microsoft Azure as their cloud-computing platform. This has created enviable job opportunities for Azure specialists. Until recently, such opportunities would have by-passed you. But because the Certbolt Microsoft AZ-900 exam and practice tests equip you with basic skills you need to set your foot into cloud computing, not anymore. In this post, you will learn fundamental truths about this test and know what to expect when you enroll for it. Thus, let’s learn more about AZ-900!

About Exam AZ-900

Microsoft AZ-900 is a role-based assessment at the Fundamentals level. And since it requires basic Azure knowledge and skills, it means you can still enroll for it even if you have no technical background. If you sit for and pass this exam, you will earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals credential. Some people have View Source as a foundation for other role-based and specialty certifications they wish to pursue. However, this is not a requirement.

Just like for all other Azure exams, the registration charges vary depending on the country from where you’ll schedule to take your test. For example, if you registered in the United States, the assessment will cost you $99. AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Training Course range from 40 to 60. These questions come in a variety of styles such as case studies, multiple choice, build list, active screen, and others. The maximum time allowed for this exam is 60 minutes and they consider a minimum score of 700 points out of 1000 a pass.

It’s also important to mention that anyone can qualify for test AZ-900. You just need basic knowledge of cloud services and how AZ-303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Training Course makes them available for its customers. Or you may be an industry specialist and want to prove your expertise with Azure cloud computing. Experts also designed AZ-900 for individuals who have experience with solutions offered by cloud services. You are this person if you have experience selling and buying cloud-based solutions. When it comes to the skills that this exam will test your understanding on, they are:

  • Azure cloud concepts;
  • Fundamental Azure services like software as a Service (SaaS);
  • Azure trust, security, privacy, and compliance;
  • Pricing levels for Azure and their lifespan;
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When you are preparing for AZ-900, please make sure you grasp these topics. Below, we give you straightforward advice on how you can prepare for this accreditation.

How to Prepare for Exam AZ-900?

There are various ways you can use to prepare for assessment AZ-900. You can decide to self-train using available online free tutorials. Or you can opt to train with a tutor. Most tutors have experience with AZ-304 Microsoft Azure Architect Design Video Training Course and Microsoft Azure. They will serve as an additional expert voice in your preparation. Taking a practice test is also another tried and validated way to accomplish the exam’s requirements. This approach may appear simple but it’s necessary. Exam AZ-900 practice tests will guide you through the assessment topics while making it easier for you to understand the desired content.


The Microsoft AZ-900 exam is a perfect opportunity for you to gain fundamental skills in cloud computing. And it seems that the odds are working for you. Many vendors offer training and practice tests for this accreditation at affordable rates. Make the right choice of training materials, and then use them to achieve your dream!