Introducing Iron Shopper

I have something very exciting and FUN to introduce to you.  I hope you will really like it.  For a while I have been thinking of the many ways you can fun on this blog.  I share so many fun offers with you and many times I wish I could see how you rock those deals.  Well, now you can share them with me and everyone else!

Every Monday I will set up a special post where you can upload pictures of your deals and share how you went about getting them.  But that’s not all!  You and every one that reads your comment and checks out your picture will be able to vote on your deals.  You will be able to ask your friends and family to vote for your deals too.  On Sunday Morning I will close the post and the person with the most votes for that week will be crowned Iron Shopper of the Week.

That sounds cool right?  Well, yes but that’s not enough in my book. The winner will also get a $20 gift card to Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aid or just plain ole cash via paypal.  The winner chooses!!!

So, I am letting you know today in case you do any shopping during the weekend, you can take your picture and have your deals ready for when I set up the post on Monday.  Coming this Monday, you will see how easy it is to share a photo of your deals, vote on them and share them with your friends.

I am really looking forward to this new feature because you get to share with me and everyone else how you rock the deals. Plus I am also hoping it will be helpful for everyone as people can get ideas of how to do things and by sharing with your friends it could encourage them to join the fun of saving money.

So, who’s up for being crowned Iron Shopper of the Week?