Giveaway#1: The Couponizer

I have a confession to make, for a while there I was jealous of people who use the binder system to organize their coupons. It seems like a neat way to organize coupons but when I tried it a few months ago it didn’t work for me. It was a bit time consuming and I just couldn’t carry that big binder with me. I have two small children and having to maneuver such binder plus them in the cart was beyond me. I needed something small that fit in my purse. I tried a coupon accordion but that became disorganized in no time. Then I learned about The Couponizer. I tried to win it when it was given away at other blogs but it is such a hot commodity that I never did.
I have been using The Couponizer for two weeks and I love it! I love that my coupons are organized and the way it helps me expedite my shopping trips because of this.
Amy Bergin the creator of The Couponizer has generously agreed to provide me with one system to giveaway to my readers!!
This is what you will be getting:

  • The Couponizer