What Your Kids Can Sell This Summer To Make Money – BESIDES Lemonade!

My kids have been begging to earn money so they can buy a couple things this summer that I won’t buy for them! They’ve seen kids around the neighborhood selling lemonade but I thought, how fun would it be to come up with something else they can make and sell themselves. So here’s a couple of ideas I’m throwing out to you of things your kids can make (with a little parental help) and sell this summer.

  • Bake Sale – we see some of these pop up now and then but it’s a great idea and there’s so many options. From cookies and brownies to cupcakes and bread. They can sell them out in the front yard or list it on your Facebook for friends and family to buy.
  • Soda Shop – i’m sure you’ve heard and visited (many times if you’re me) Fizz or Swig. Why not use the idea of adding syrups and cremes to your drinks and let your kids create some fun ones. Just buy cans of soda and have different options of add ins.
  • Slime – our neighbors did this last summer and I thought it was just a great idea. Everyone loved buying slime and I loved the idea of my kids buying something to play with rather than eat.
  • Jewelry – we’re pulled out our beads quite a bit this summer so why not create some items to sell?
  • Ice Cream – It’s hot outside so why not? You can have plain vanilla with toppings they can choose from or get a couple different choices of favors and charge per topping. There’s lots of options and ideas you can play around with this.
  • Books and Bookmarks – We have a ton of books that my kids read over and over. If you’re done with them why not make some money off them? Just have your kids create some fun book marks (there’s tons of ideas on Pinterest) and sell them together! Not done with your books? Head to your local second hand store and pick out some popular cheap ones to sell.
  • Flowers – if you’re blessed with beautiful flower beds you can let your kids pick some and arrange some flower to sell. I save all my jars (mayo, spaghetti sauce, etc) that would be perfect to use and have them sell. Or decorate some tin cans and sell them inside those.
  • Produce – if you’re gardening this year and happen to be doing really well, have the kids set up a stand and sell the produce you can’t or won’t be able to use.
  • Icee – this is popular in our area and the kids all love them! They have fun DIY syrup ideas you can test out and play with before you start selling.
  • Calm Down Jars – I love this and could use some of these for my own kids. Create different colors, slow ones and faster ones or even fun items inside.
  • Bird/Duck Food – We love going to the duck pond in our neighborhood but I’ve read and heard from many that bread isn’t that great for the ducks. So why not help other families out and sell some good duck/bird food at the duck pond in your area? (Please check ahead of time if this is ok in your city.)