No Left Turn and Other Driving Tips To Save Gas

Save Gas


There’s no argument that gas prices are downright outrageous these days! Saving money at the pump just seems to get harder and harder.

Is it Possible to Save Gas These Days?

There are, a number of tips and tricks that you can use to save gas. This includes taking care of your vehicle, such as having regular tuneups, joining fuel rewards programs, and – the most obvious – driving less. Did you know that your driving habits could also be costing you money, though?

Here are some interesting driving tips to save gas…


Stop Searching For Parking

Speaking of parking, stop searching for parking spaces! Yes they’re convenient, but if you want to save gas, you aren’t gonna do it by driving around the block or a parking lot for 20 minutes. Instead, take the first reasonable parking spot you find, even if it does mean (*GASP*) that you have to parallel park.

Shorter Doesn’t Mean Better

One would think that driving a shorter distance would save gas more than driving a longer distance. one would be wrong, however, at least in some cases. Basically, it boils down to how hard you’re making your vehicle work. If you want to save gas, avoid routes that require you to go up hills or stop and start frequently. Both of these driving tactics use more fuels than driving on flat roads at constant speeds.

Watch That Speed

This might not mean exactly what you think it does. In most vehicles, the optimal speeds to save gas and get better mileage are between 35 and 60 miles per hour. A vehicle driving over 60 miles per hour will use more fuel for a number of reasons, including increased wind and tire resistance. However, it’s equally important to maintain a constant speed, so don’t be afraid to use that cruise control.

Accelerate a Little Faster

Didn’t expect this one, did you? Chances are, you were probably taught that accelerating quickly were not only dangerous but terrible on gas mileage. As it turns out, accelerating slowly could be harming your mileage rather than helping you save gas. Popular Mechanics did a study on this a few years back. If you accelerate too slowly, your vehicle won’t shift properly and will remain in a lower gear for slightly longer, which uses slightly more fuel. I don’t recommend gunning it when the light turns green for a number of reasons, but accelerating normally could help you save gas.

Avoid Reverse

This is one of the weirder driving tips to save gas, I know, but it makes sense. Reverse on most vehicles, reverse is a lower gear, which ultimately burns more fuel when used. Whenever possible, try to avoid reverse. This is especially true in parking lots. Whenever possible, pull straight through a parking space, so you can simply pull out and go when it’s time to leave, instead of idling to make sure it’s safe, backing out, and pulling forward.

Don’t Turn Left

This is sort of a neat little tip courtesy of UPS. It confused me at first, but it really does make sense. When you turn left, you often have to sit and wait for traffic to clear. On the contrary, you rarely have to sit and wait when you turn right, meaning you idle less, and save gas. This is one of those tips to save gas isn’t always feasible, however, but it’s certainly something to keep in mind.


Your turn… What are some of your favorite driving tips to save gas?