Link Round Up

Today I want to draw you attention to a few blog entries that have caught my attention:

  1. This is a must read entry from Frugal Dad: 10 truths about frugal living revealed by 5,000 comments. His thoughts are right on the money and how wouldn’t they be if they come from the people living frugality themselves.
  2. I recently came across Lylah’s Blog. She has wonderful and helpful thoughts on marriage. Today she’s asking: Michelle or Cindy?. There’s no question about my answer at least.
  3. Head on to Blissfully Domestic for some kitchen cleaning tips.
  4. Finally, Meredith over at Frugal Hacks is wondering if we have reached the point of information overload. Read on to see what she’s talking about.

Nice mish-mash of things that have hit my reader and a true reflection of the thoughts crowding my head today.