Mid-month Expense Tracking Update

I thought I would give you an update on how I am doing on my expense tracking for this month. I will update on the expenses that I consider variable: mainly Food/entertainment and Gas. But first let me explain that I have had to prorate my budget to cover 31 days, because I am tracking for the calendar month not by my budgeting cycle. In reality, my budget follows a bi-weekly cycle, because that’s how often my husband gets paid. But I don’t think this changes things much. So here it goes:
As of 10/15 I have accumulated:
Groceries= $170.78
Eating out= $11.10
Home= $27.99
Medical = $14.70
Toiletries = $7.09
For a total of $231.66. In my budget I have $268 allotted to cover this expenses. So I am under by $36.35
On gas so far I have spent $116.58 when in my budget I have $161 to cover 15 days. Therefore, I am under $44.42 on this category.
Now, on to the problematic categories: Family activities ($60.05). Monthly I only have $64 to budgeted for this and that covers our YMCA membership. But we decided to enroll our son in music class for the next ten weeks. So it is a cost that will expand through next month but that I had not budgeted for nonetheless. So, I am over $60 this month.

Then for the Gifts category. So far I have spent $32.51 on this but I have zero budgeted for it every month. So I am over the whole amount. I do think I will add this category to my budget from now on and have the money accumulate separately, so it’s there when we need it. Currently, gifts are supposed to be coming from our monthly surplus, if any.
So, as a whole I am over $11.74 thanks to the “unexpected” expenses.

What can I expect for the next 15 days? Our gas budget may be over because we have decided to go visit the in laws 240 miles round trip driving an SUV @2.99 a gallon, you do the math. Even though DH is driving due to a work commitment and he will be reimbursed for the gas, we send any mile reimbursements he gets to our son’s 529 account. So, we still have to cover the cost of gas. Then add eating out while we are there and food category will also be up. And I need to print some pictures to add to a gift for the in laws, so gift category will continue to be over. Um, not looking pretty after all. Stick with me and we’ll see how this month ends. But overall, it seems I need to do better budgeting by adding a couple of categories to my budget.