Monday Reminders: All You Magazine and Swagbucks


Just wanted to give a couple of reminders about a couple of events that end today:

  1. Today is the last day you have a chance to subscribe to All You magazine for the bottom price of only $0.75 cents per issue.  The subscription is a two year subscription and you can be sure this is a magazine worth subscribing to.  Let me put it to you this way: if you don’t subscribe because you want to pick and choose which issues you buy, if you buy more than four issues at the store per year you are spending too much money.  Not only that but you are also missing out on the savings on the issues you don’t get.  Let’s not forget, that I am also giving away a free two year subscription to All You Magazine among the orders placed by following these instructions.  So, don’t miss out on this hot offer and the chance to get your subscription free.
  2. Today is also the last day to register to search and win prizes from Swagbucks and get 5 Swagbucks to get you started.  If you didn’t have a chance to listen to our Radio show on Swagbucks, you can also read here my thoughts on Swagbucks.  I also want to share with you that I have challenged myself to fund my holiday gift shopping with Amazon Gift cards earned via Swagbucks.  Can you imagine funding your holiday shopping with money earned by just switching search engines.  It CAN be done with Swagbucks and I am going to give it my best try.

Don’t miss out on this two offers, today is the last chance for you to take advantage of them.

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