Need Some Coupon Help

Since I am not an expert at putting my coupon deals together I wondered if anyone could help me with the following scenario: I want to buy two jumbo packs of the easy ups and use the free kandoo coupon wyb those from the Procter and Gamble inserts. I also have two Target coupons for free kandoo (250ml) wyb another kandoo product (250 or 500ml) product.
In theory I would like to get the refill size of 500ml and make that the free I get with the PG coupon and then a 250ml hand wash bottle and use the Target coupon on that one. But I don’t know if:
1) I can do this. I am thinking since one is a manufacturer coupon and the other is a target coupon I should be able to do it.
2) How I should give out the coupons to the cashier?
3) Should I just get two 250ml size products to avoid any problems at the register?

Can anyone help?