O-Cel-O Products on Clearance at Target

Just got back from a quick run to Target. We are pricing out a double stroller and needed to compare the price at Target with the price of the same stroller at Shopko. I learned about this clearance at the Hotcouponworld forums so thank you to the original posted there.

O-cel-lo soap pads, neck tie sponges and fuzzy scrubbers are on clearance at Target. I found them priced at $0.98 for the soap pads, $1.14 for the set of two sponges and the fuzzy scrubbers. There is a Target IP (you can print as many copies as you wish here) for $1 off one. If you find the items at the same price as I did you can get the soap pads for free, since the coupon self adjusts. You can even get some overage on the sponges if you use this coupon available at the 3M website.

Happy shopping!