Spending Resolution – Now with R Rated Photos

I want to start this by admitting to my problem: “Hi, my name is Mercedes and I have a stockpile.”
After my recent diaper purchases, I gave in to the accountant within and decided to inventory my diaper and wipe stockpile.

I first started stockpiling at the end of last year and towards the end of my pregnancy. Back then most of my diaper purchases were done at Target combining a store and a manufacturer coupon. Since then I have only bought diapers if they have been on clearance or if I have a Register Rewards from Walgreens, or ECBs from CVS to help pay for them.

Around the same time last year I also started stockpiling for wipes thanks to a great coupon that came out that made Huggies wipes pretty cheap or free at Target. I wrote about it here. I have continued getting more Huggies wipes using a $3/2 Cleanteam wipes coupon that came out a few weeks ago and expires at the end of this week.

Can I put it on record that I think Huggies wipes have nothing on Pampers wipes? The “cloth” is more towel-like and grabs hold of more than the Pampers wipes. Also, so far Huggies has the better promotions on their products. So I can get the best wipes I have found so far for very little money out of pocket.

To the point of my post: I added all of the diapers and wipes I have and I am looking at more than 1,500* diapers and almost 6,900 individual wipes. I am going to say that’s enough for now, don’t you think? So I hereby make the commitment, to you my readers, that I won’t buy any more diapers unless they come out to be less than $2 out of pocket per jumbo pack and I won’t buy anymore wipes unless they are FREE or zero out of pocket .

Help me stay accountable to this. Next time I talk about buying diapers remind me of this commitment. Help me beat my addiction 😉

Rated R for Ridiculous!

*This is my diaper stockpile for my youngest only. I keep hoping my oldest will change his mind and potty train soon… right. His own stockpile is “only” eight jumbo packs.

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