One More Article on the Benefits of a Stockpile – Updated

I just wanted to share one more article about the food crisis and benefits of stockpiling.

I did notice that the price of Basmati rice had gone up 50% at Costco the last time I was there. I didn’t get it because I thought I would just get the rice in one of the ethnic stores in Chicago. We love Basmati rice around here. I forgot to do so and now I am curious how much rice is selling for in those stores.

I am going to the grocery store this evening to pick up pasta at $0.25/LB. The sale ends today and I thought I may be able to get it for free before the coupon expired. With the way things are right now I doubt that will happen. I am so glad I have a stockpile of food right now.

Update: It’s not just Costco; it’s Sam’s as well.