Rebate Alert: Johnson & Johnson $30 Rebate

I am very distressed to bring this set of news to you.  But many of Jenny’s readers, over at Southern Savers, have contacted Johnson&Johnson over this rebate (Spend $30 and get $10 back). And it seems that J&J is telling everyone that the $30 is AFTER coupons!  It seems though that what they want is for your receipt to be over $30 so if you add other things to your order to bring your order up to $30 then you may be OK.  I know someone else also asked if it had to be one rebate or could be more and it seems it can be more than one receipt.

Anyways, I just wanted to bring this up.  I know probably many of yu have probably mailed in your rebate already.  If you have not then maybe try calling J&J too and well, I hope they change their mind or this is just a misinformed customer service rep saying this.  In general most rebates are calculated after coupon which is why this situation is so rare.  Check Jenny’s post here.

Thanks Kathy for bringing this up to my attention.

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