Recyclebank: Earn 195 Points at the EcoAcademy Lunch Room and Playground


A new earning opportunity is available at the Recyclebank’s EcoAcademy! At Recyclebank’s EcoAcademy, you can have a greener lunchtime and recess, earn 245 points and be entered to win great prizes like $5,000 cash!  Don’t miss out on this week’s lockers worth 50 points. They open this Friday! For now, head to the Lunch Room and playground to earn 195 points!

Just look for the blue circled points, click on them and follow the directions to earn your points.  Super easy! 

If you’re new to Recycle Bank be sure to sign up for a Free account here first.  Be sure to look around at all new and reset point opportunities to earn more points!

Don’t forget that by accumulating these free Recyclebank points you can get access to some nice high value printable coupons and other rewards.