Responsible Couponing

Using coupons in a responsible manner is something that I feel strongly about. Using coupons in a way other than what the manufacturer intended is wrong.  This includes using the coupon for an item other than what the coupon states or for another quantity and obtaining a coupon from an authorized medium.  This is a short term gain that hurts all coupon users in the long term.

Today Crystal the Thrifty Mama has a great post regarding the use of CVS coupons available for printing online.  Please take some time to read it as she clearly explains why the use of these coupons is wrong.  Andrea from Mommy Snacks also wrote another piece lately regarding the use of e-coupons and paper coupons at Kroger and other participating stores.

The bottom line is this, you may be able to get a great deal buy using coupons illegitimately.  But chances are you are just hurting the chances of getting another good deal in the future.  Would you rather save now or save always?