The Rise of Paperless Coupons in the Digital Age

Paperless CouponsIn today’s digital age, paperless everything is becoming more and more commonplace. Whether you like it or not, paperless is the new “thang”. It started with paperless bills, then electronic signatures.

And paperless coupons weren’t far behind.

I doubt that paper coupons will be disappearing any time soon, but there’s no doubt that the age of paperless coupons are upon us! For good reason too. There are a number of advantages of paperless coupons over traditional coupons.

First of all, paperless coupons are obviously more environmentally friendly. For many people, they’re also more convenient. Using paperless coupons also means you can leave the scissors in the drawer and spend less time printing and clipping. If you strictly use paperless coupons, you also don’t have to worry about keeping a large coupon binder or box, and you’re less likely to miss out on savings because you forgot your coupons. One of the best things about paperless coupons, though, is that they can often be stacked with regular paper coupons – at least for now.

Of course, paperless coupons do have their drawbacks too. Not everyone has access to a computer or a smartphone, and unfortunately that’s how you have to access paperless coupons. Consumers who can’t afford these luxuries, who are also usually the same people who need the coupons the most, are more likely to miss out on the potential savings. Paperless coupons also don’t double, which is a definite con for anyone who regularly shops at stores that double paper coupons. Finally, not all paperless coupons provide an instant discount. Some give consumers cash back after they pay full price at checkout.

Love ’em or hate ’em, paperless coupons are here to stay. And they’re everywhere!

Wanna get started with paperless coupons? Check out these resources:

Store Websites

If you shop at a store that has a loyalty card, chances are you can find paperless coupons on the store website. These are sometimes called digital coupons or ecoupons. To find paperless coupons for the stores you shop at, simple do a search for the store name and digital coupons or visit the store website.

Here are some links to popular store digital coupons…

eCoupon Websites

There are a few websites out there that are dedicated to nothing but paperless coupons. My personal favorite ecoupon website is SavingStar. With SavingStar, you must first hook a store loyalty card to your account. Then, you activate the paperless coupons you want to use before you go shopping. The amount of the coupon is then deposited into your account and you can have your savings sent to your bank account or PayPal account when your balance reaches $5. You can also use SavingStar at some stores now, like Walmart and Target, and upload a picture of your receipt.

Check out the paperless coupons on these websites…

Printable Coupon Websites

Printable coupon websites aren’t just for paperless coupons. Websites like and also offer paperless coupons. You’ll need to sign up for an account and link your store loyalty card to your account to add paperless coupons.

Don’t miss the digital coupons on these printable coupon websites…

Smartphone Apps

Does your favorite store have a smartphone app? If you download it, you’ll most likely find some nice paperless coupons. There are also some independent apps that pull mobile store coupons from a number of sources. Just pull up the app and show the coupon to the cashier for your discount.

Try these apps for mobile coupons…

Cash Back Paperless Coupons

If you don’t mind paying out of pocket and keeping track of receipts, you might want to try using one or two of the cash back grocery coupon websites or apps. These require you to take a picture of your receipt in order to receive a certain amount of money back.

Take pictures of your receipt and get cash back with these services…