Save 50% on the Little People Aquarium Visit Toy! Now just $9.99 Shipped!

lp aquarium

Hurry over to WalMart and pick up the Little People Aquarium Visit toy for only $9.99! That’s 50% off the list price of $20, and this also included free shipping for me!

Koby’s visiting the Aquarium that’s filled with wondrous things to see and do! After buying his ticket at the window, Koby walks up to ooh and ahh at the tanks filled with colorful fish. He’s just in time to watch the dolphin wiggle across the top of the Aquarium, down the slide, through the hoop and into the tank! If your toddler presses Koby down on the trainer’s stand, the “water” in the tank swirls around with the dolphin in it! There’s even a bucket of fish to feed the dolphin and a red ball to roll down the slide or put in the tank for the dolphin’s tricks.

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