Scented Candles That Help You Be More Productive

scented candles to be more productive

Some scents invite work and productivity in. As weird as it may sound, there are different scented candles that can help you be more productive. These scented candles can be found on the market, but they can also be created by you.

You can create the following scented candles by engaging in different easy DIY projects. You can also use other scents, if you have a favorite scent in mind that makes you feel energized and ready for work. The sky is the limit.

Orange Scented Candles

Oranges have a wonderful scent and it is a known fact that they can energize you so easily. You can also use orange peels and throw them in your bathwater to get rid of feeling tired all the time. So if you have a tight deadline or the work tasks are piling up, go for orange scented candles.

Lavender Scented Candles

If you feel stressed out and you really need to take it easy and just relax (so that you can give your best and be productive at home) choose lavender scented candles. They help you relax, unwind and leave stress behind.

Forest Scents

Grass, forest…nature scents. Needless to say, that picking a forest scent is a winner. Nature is therapeutic and these scents boost your creativity and imagination; two things that you need when you want to solve a difficult task.

Seaside Scents

Sea salts, the smell of sand and of the sea or ocean can be found in stores. Amazing, isn’t it? The sea salt also helps you breathe easier and this makes your brain be more productive. It’s a win-win situation when choosing seaside scents.

Lemon Scents

The smell of lemon calms you down instantly. If you get angry or frustrated easily, this is the perfect scent for you. The calming effect this scent has is recommended for anxious persons, too. You’ll see things clearly in no time.

Taking Aromatherapy Seriously

Aromatherapy is no joke and it should be taken seriously. Studies show that olfaction can be a powerful sense and given the right tools, you can improve your mood and boost your productivity by using simple life hacks and using scents that are at reach. Always do your research since there’s plenty of material available on aromatherapy that can guide you and help you make the right decision, depending on your mood.


If you’re feeling depressed due to different situations, jasmine can help you pull it together and feel energized. Its smell is unforgettable and it will make you feel incredibly well.


If you have trouble focusing or if your memory needs a natural boost, use rosemary scented candles or oils. You can also engage in some games that stimulate your memory as long as you use rosemary oil or scented candles to help you.

Mint Scents

Mint scents are simply amazing. They definitely change your mood for the better and you feel ready to give it your 100% and work till you find the right solutions to the problems that you are experiencing.