Shopping Target Holiday Clearance

It seems like most shoppers in my town, I also ventured the crowds to shop the clearance holiday sale at Target. I must say that my best finds were not in the holiday decoration section. So I figured I would pass the word along to remind others of other items that are clearanced as well.
My best finds were cleaning supplies and kitchen items such as hand soap, dish washing soap, and storage bags. All of these items either had a holiday smell (green apple dish washing soap) or had been packaged with a holiday motif, so they were also included in the sale. Also, a lot of bath and body products that were packaged for sale as gifts (deodorants and shower gel) were also 50% off.
Finally, a lot of great deals can be had in food items. Don’t be like me and don’t forget to check the Target coupon generator before you head out. Print a few of their food coupons to bring with you just in case. For example, all holiday candy is on sale and they also had Holiday Oreo cookies discounted as well. A lot of these items can be found for really cheap if you use Target coupons on them.
These were just some of the things I noticed that could be found cheaply. Happy Bargain Hunting!